This is a practical course focusing on humor in plays, movies, web content, and television. Laughter is one of the most potent energetic shifts in the course of a scene, and it’s essential for a writer to know why it works, when to use it, and most importantly, how to get it. Through case studies, discussion sections, and practical exercises, students learn ten distinct ways to earn the laugh.

This 5-week course will include a weekly recorded lecture accompanied by a live virtual class. Each recorded lecture will end with an assignment for students to work on in preparation for the virtual class. Lecture recordings will be sent out on Mondays with the virtual class held on the following Thursdays. For those only interested in the recorded lectures, we have a prorated tuition available.

Join Leanna Keyes for five recorded lectures.

Week 1: Introduction & The Structure of Humor
Week 2: Working with Your Audience (Tools 1-3)
Week 3: It’s All in the Words (Tools 4-7)
Week 4: Collaboration (Tools 8-10)
Week 5: Time and a Place for Every Tool

Lecture Fee: $75

(Recorded lectures only)


We will be scheduling another course with Leanna soon! Stay Tuned!

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