The visions, values, and abilities possessed by theatre professionals go far beyond the “walls” of traditional theatre, and we’re here to share those important traits with you, your team, or your business. Let us help you jump over your biggest hurdle, tell your most personal story, or throw you a kick-ass party, all while authentically connecting with your audience. 
All collaborations can be done virtually, as a drive-in event, or in person (once safe to do so!).
Dragon Theatrical Services
What can the Dragon help you with?
Events, Production
& Staffing

We’re here to help your dream event become a reality, whether it’s for 10 people or 10,000! Corporate events, community celebrations, birthday parties, virtual renaissance faires — we’ve done it all. Collaborate with us to design an event that is even better than what you imagine!

& Team Building

Missing a certain je ne sais quoi within your team? We got you covered! Set up a workshop or team building event with us to improve the communication, empathy, connection, and flexibility necessary to get your team playing at the highest level.


Everyone needs a mentor and supporter — someone to praise your assets and guide your opportunities. The Dragon is here to help you develop leadership skills, public communication strategies, mindfulness techniques, and the interpersonal tools to face any other challenge you may have.


Event Design, Production & Staffing

Fully-customized event design, production, and staffing services. Currently available for Virtual & Drive-In events.

  • What is possible? Whether for a group of 15 or a company of 15,000 we can make sure your event is unforgettable. 
  • Based on your vision and budget, we will design an event that accomplishes your goals and inspires your community! Your imagination is the limit!
  • Looking for entertainers or other types of event staff? We’ve got you! Staffing opportunities include: Livestream & In-Person Producers, Circus Artists (Aerialists, Jugglers, Contortionists, etc), Musicians, Dancers, Magicians, Interactive Costumed Characters, and more!

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Workshops & Team Building

Training seminars, team-building workshops, and unique experiences fully customized for your group. Currently available as virtual experiences.

  • What can we do for you? With our wide and deep connections to a variety of professionals, the answer is almost anything!
  • Some of our previous seminars have focused on: team synergy and working as an ensemble; employee “readiness” and increasing capacity for flexibility; product storytelling; and many more! Check out some of our previous work below for inspiration.
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Previous Seminar Topics

  • Product Storytelling (in collaboration with ProductMaestro) – Combine product management and theatrical skills to Align, Craft and Deliver a compelling vision about your business or product to customers, employees and investors.
  • Showing Up Ready – Learn the actor’s toolkit to develop Physical, Vocal and Mental Mastery so you can show up ready to tackle any high stakes situation with grace and confidence.
  • Improv Principles for Life – Understand the principles of improv by participating in fun and low-pressure games and exercises used by the professionals! Then practice the application of these powerful communication tools in your everyday life. The change will be empowering.
  • Leadership Training – Explore your leadership style and develop new strategies for connecting your team, communicating with your audience, or inspiring your community.
  • Free-Thinking Collaboration – Construct a story, poem, or song together. This workshop is great for group brainstorming and building cohesion within collaborative teams. Your team will be given a prompt before taking turns adding to their piece. The result is often humorous and always a surprise! Develop stronger improvisation and free-thought skills within prescribed constraints, and become stronger collaborators as everyone plays their individual part in creating the collective work.
*Dragon is happy to create a custom workshop based on your team’s goals and culture if you tell us more via email.

Pricing Information

  • Workshop length varies based on your needs and the size of your group. Rates depend on the length and complexity of the event.
  • Workshop rates start at $500 for ten or fewer participants.
  • Each additional participant after the first ten will cost between $40 – $200/person depending on length and complexity of workshop.
  • Dragon is committed to providing accessible services for nonprofits and community organizations and may be able to provide a discount on a case by case basis.

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Private Coaching

Connect with us for a single consultation or an on-going partnership designed to help you grow, overcome, and achieve. Currently available as virtual sessions. 

  • How can we help? Our experienced, professional, and caring coaches can aid with any challenge you might be facing. Set up a meeting with us to discuss your professional or personal goals, and we’ll create a plan to help you move in the right direction!
  • Drawing on our rich history and expertise, we have assisted past clients with: leadership challenges and interpersonal skills; product storytelling and connecting with an audience; self-confidence and showing up ready; project organization and management from concept to completion; project-specific editing and consulting; and more!

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