Justine Bechler

Justine (she/her) is a professional actor, singer, director, and vocal director and has been working in theatre education since 2008. While attending Cal Poly Pomona for acting, she took a course focusing on creating a community based (helping a community create their own work) performance with a local low-income community of high school students. Growing up in theatre, Justine knew how much the arts helped shape her in life, but being able to see these students, who were not theatre kids, embrace the arts and find a way to tell the stories that were important to them, from depression and eating disorders to peer pressure and parties, and have a safe place to explore and express themselves sparked her in unanticipated ways.

Through the years, Justine’s passion for theatre education has grown while working with students of all ages. She also enjoys mentoring teenagers to be leaders and future teaching artists through internships. Justine is extremely dedicated to the success of each of her students as individuals and as an ensemble. She loves passing on the knowledge of the vocal instrument to impart proper singing techniques, as well as help actors overcome their challenges while simultaneously instilling confidence to students. Justine loves watching theatre bring people from all different backgrounds together and collaborate towards a common goal.

Before coming to Dragon and Redwood City Youth Theatre, Justine worked at California Theatre Center. It was with CTC that she found a knack, and a love, for administrative organization and helping team members with their projects and making sure everyone had the tools and resources to be successful. At the end of the day, Justine is most satisfied when she knows her work helped others move forward at work or in life and is able to snuggle with her husband, and two daughters (one fur, one human).

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