Sleepless with the Dragon is a digital campfire experience where we gather to tell spooky stories. Though we specialize in personal ghost stories, we’ve also been known to tell the occasional folk tale, read fictional pieces, or weave spine tinglers on the spot. Join host Samantha Ricci and her guest storytellers and bond over the weird, occult, or just plain creepy.

Late-Night Storytelling Session
3rd Saturday of the month at 9:30pm PT
Free, with option to donate
Hosted on Twitch


How does Sleepless with the Dragon work?

Each month, host Sam Ricci invites actors, performers, and theatre-folk of all kind to tell a spooky story that is live-streamed to you, our ever-faithful audience member! At the appointed day and time, jump on Twitch with a cozy blanket and hot cocoa in hand.

You get to choose your level of engagement! Twitch is a live-streaming service where you can simply watch and enjoy listening to the stories, or you can chat with other people currently watching with you. Join a little late, leave a little early, it’s all up to you. This event typically runs for about 90, so join as it’s convenient for you.


Upcoming Events


Prepare to get sppooooky!

April 17, 9:30pm PT





Prepare to get sppooooky!

May 15, 9:30pm PT




Prepare to get sppooooky!

June 26, 9:30pm PT



Got a good spooky story?

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Meet Your Host, Sam Ricci

Samantha Ricci is a Bay Area teaching artist and performer.  Some favorite in-person projects include assistant-directing Shoggoths on the Veldt at the Dragon and devising and performing the role of Virgil in Epic Immersive’s Infernal Motel.  Recently, Sam has been helping moderate and produce Hillbarn Theatre’s socially-distanced Twitch trivia nights and their online kids’ conservatory.  When not moderating or sharing spine-tingling lore, you can find Sam creating theatre-related video content for California state prison inmates with Red Ladder Theatre Company.