Rental Policies

Rental Policies

Our mission is to be the peninsula’s resource for artists of all types and we know that one of our biggest assets is our physical space, therefore we try to make the space available as often as possible when it’s not booked for our own rehearsals, classes, or shows.  Though Dragon’s first priority is the rehearsal and production of Dragon shows and classes, we always do our best to work with our renters to have as little negative impact as possible. Please familiarize yourself the information below to ensure that your rental is a great one!


Dragon is a shared space

Unless the stage is rented as a public performance there may be other rentals, classes, or rehearsals going on in the building. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that other guests in the space will not be heard or seen throughout your rental. The exception to this rule are public performances on the stage.

Stage rentals and tours

All stage rentals require a tour so that you can get a little more information about the space and feel a little more comfortable when it comes to the big day. After confirming your rental date please look at your schedule and find a weekday, daytime date that you can meet with the rental coordinator for your tour.

Reserving a date

A contract must be signed, with the first payment submitted to Dragon’s Rental Coordinator to secure a reservation. No contract, no payment = no guaranteed reservation. Once Dragon extends a contract estimate you have two weeks to secure the date otherwise it will be released. Any negotiated special rates or details also expire at the end of that two weeks and may not be available in the future.


Dragon Productions Theatre is a full season theatre company producing eight full productions a year, plus a number of regular monthly performances and classes. Due to this fact, Dragon Productions cannot offer any renters residency or full control of the space. This means that there may be a complete, or partially completed set on stage at the time of your rental. Renters can use the light and sound system in the theatre but cannot move or alter the lights and sound system in the air. For a smaller event like a stand up comedy show, staged reading, or lecture, we have a moveable black curtain that we can pull across the middle of the stage to screen it off and make a more intimate playing space.


The first payment to hold the reservation is a non-refundable payment. If you need to cancel, please contact the Rental Coordinator as soon as you know you need to cancel so we can offer the space to other interested artists and companies.


Part of the difference between the public and private stage rental is to cover Dragon’s insurance liability for having an audience in the theatre. Renters are encouraged to obtain their own Special Event Liability Insurance coverage to protect themselves. We can refer you to a reliable, affordable agent.

The Lobby

If you’re renting the theatre for a public event this includes the lobby. Dragon does NOT provide front of hours staff to sell tickets for your event. You should make ticket sales arrangements with a vendor like Brown Paper Tickets or Eventbrite and plan to have someone from your organization in the lobby to sell tickets and take tickets. Dragon does not provide concessions for sale. If you’d like to sell concessions you will need to provide your own packaged goods and staff to sell them. If you’d like to sell alcohol you will need to get a temporary license from the state ABC office. This license typically runs something like $25-$50 so it’s a good protecting for you. While you have a show running on the stage, the lobby MUST remain unlocked with someone staffing it to secure it and be on call for unexpected emergencies in the building.