Dragon’s #1 priority is the rehearsal and production of Dragon shows and classes. We welcome guest rentals as we are able around our own rehearsals and events.


If there is a Dragon production being mounted during the timeframe of your rental, there may be a set on the main stage during your event. While we don’t always know what our sets will look like as far in advance as you might want, we will do our best to work with you to minimize the impact of our sets on your event and work with you to find alternate dates that may suit your event better.


Hourly rental rates are for shared-usage of the facility. Someone may be working in another space during your rental/other production items might also be on the premises during your usage. Exclusive use of the theatre is reserved for public performance rentals only.


Complete facility rental for performance purposes (for audiences, private parties or any groups 20+) covers use of lighting, sound, and all other theatre amenities specified in the contract agreement. 


All rentals require a deposit of 1/2 the rental fee upon signing the contract to reserve the space. The other 1/2 of the fee is due upon completion of the rental (eg. after the last performance and strike). Other contract agreements may be made with the rental coordinator as needed./p>


The renter agrees to pay a security deposit which will be reimbursed in accordance with successful completion of the terms of their agreement, if not used for cleaning or repairs. This is required to be a separate check, money order or cashiers check that will not be deposited unless required to return the facility to the state it was in when the renter first occupied the building.


Cancellations: Cancellation subsequent to signing a contract of any or all reserved dates with less than 45 day written notice to Dragon Productions shall result in the forfeiture of any monies already submitted for rental reservation. If renter notifies Dragon Productions of a cancellation more than 45 days prior to first reserved date, rental payments will be returned in full to the renter.


If the space is rented for a private coaching session of 2 hours or less, and the student cancels at the last minute, the student should be held responsible for the space rental (unless it’s an emergency situation), so that neither Dragon, nor the teacher are out the rental fee. In case of emergencies, rescheduling may be made possible. Rentals are all first-come-first-serve.


The contract must be signed, security deposit and first payment submitted to secure a reservation. No contract, no security deposit, no payment = no guaranteed reservation. 


While no longer a mandatory requirement, all renters are recommended to have their own Special Event liability insurance coverage.


All renters will be either let into the building or given the key. Arrangements will be made upon contract signing.


All renters will be responsible for items in the theatre and the placement of these items. If outside items will be used, the renter promises to leave the theatre as it was found upon arrival. Special arrangements and details should be shared upon contract signing.


If you prefer to pay by credit card, because of the handing fees we are charged, there's an additional 4% fee charged to the renter. 

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