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We welcome guest rentals around our own rehearsals and events.  Let our space be the location of your next class, meeting, presentation, or performance! Though Dragon’s #1 priority is the rehearsal and production of Dragon shows and classes, we always do our best to work with our renters to have as little negative impact as possible. Please familiarize yourself the information below to ensure that your rental is a great one!


Dragon is a shared Space

Unless the stage is rented as a public performance there may be other rentals, classes, or rehearsals going on in the building. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that other guests in the space will not be heard or seen throughout your rental. The exception to this rule are public performances. In these occasions, Dragon will assign a house technician. They will run all tech as well as being able to answer additional question about the space on the day of your event.

Stage Rentals and Tours

All stage rentals require a tour so that you can get a little more information about the space and feel a little more comfortable when it comes to the big day. After confirming your rental date please look at your schedule and find a weekday, daytime date that you can meet with the rental coordinator for your tour.

Reserving a Date

A contract must be filled out and returned in order to reserve space for your event. The contract must be signed, security deposit and first payment submitted to secure a reservation. No contract, no security deposit, no payment = no guaranteed reservation. 


Dragon Productions Theatre is a full season theatre company producing 7-8 full productions a year. Due to this fact, Dragon Productions cannot offer any renters residency. This means that there may be a complete, or partially completed set on stage at the time of your rental. If this is a concern, we can look at times when the set will either be smaller or during a time that we have significantly more time between shows and can possibly have a clear stage for you.


Cancellation subsequent to signing a contract of any or all reserved dates with less than 45 day written notice to Dragon Productions shall result in the forfeiture of any monies already submitted for rental reservation. If renter notifies Dragon Productions of a cancellation more than 45 days prior to first reserved date, rental payments will be returned in full to the renter.

Dragon Personnel on Site

Dragon Personnel may not be present at your rental. Please review your rental information for entrance information as well as lockup regulations. If you have any questions regarding entrance to the building, please contact Josiah at or by phone at 650-493-2006 x 4. As he may be off site at the time of your rental, please plan ahead with any questions so that he can answer them in advance.


While no longer a mandatory requirement, all renters are encouraged to have their own Special Event liability insurance coverage.

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