Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about renting our facility. If your question is still not answered by our website, please email or leave a message at 650-493-2006 x 4 and Josiah, our rentals coordinator, will be in touch shortly. Please note that Josiah is a part-timer and as such is not in the office 7 days a week. We do ask for 48 hours to turn around calls or emails. Please be sure to plan ahead so we can help you in time for your proposed event. 


I’m planning on having a meeting that only lasts an hour. Do I need to reserve a 2 hour block?

Yes. Dragon has a 2 hour minimum on all hourly rentals. This allows sufficient time for setup and clean up of an event before and after your rental.


I want to produce a play/musical/recital/script reading or other public performance that requires a set, lights and sound. Can Dragon accommodate me?

Maybe. We produce 6-8 plays a year plus a Monday Night performance series so our schedule is tight. We do perioducally "go dark" to try to accomodate rentals of full productions so you might be able to rent the space during our dark time for a full stage production. Please look at our facility calendar and see if there are any available dates and times that will work for your performances. Don’t forget to also look for time for a technical rehearsal or two so that your performers and stage manager can be comfortable with the space, set, lights, etc. If you are bringing in or building a set to be used, you will need to rent time for the building or load in as well as time for the strike of your show.


Can I pay my rental fee with a credit card?

Yes. There is a 4% surcharge to run a credit card because of the fees that we get hit with. However, your security deposit can only be paid by check.


I want to produce a play/musical/recital/script reading or other public performance that requires a set, lights and sound. Will Dragon provide set materials, props, light set up and sounds for me?

No. Dragon does not provide the equipment or materials for your show. Nor do we provide you the staff to produce your show. We will, however, hire a technician to run the sound and lights for your event. 


You can also talk to our rental coordinator about using our Event Planning/Production Management resources to help you in finding, hiring and contracting designers and builders. We might be able to rent certain pieces for your event if they're in stock. Talk to the rental coordinator about this too. 


Will Dragon publicize or market my show for me?

No. Dragon does not provide marketing or publicity services. We will, however list your event on our website on our page for rental events and on the TV screen facing Broadway street if you provide the digital graphics. We also would be happy to put your postcards in our postcard carousel in the lobby.


Will you create artwork for my posters or postcards and to display digitally on your monitor in the lobby?

No. All artwork is the responsibility of the renter. If you need a graphic designer, we are happy to provide a referral to someone that you can hire to produce a poster and other marketing collateral for your event.


What file types can I give you to display our digital artwork on your monitor in the lobby?

We can accept PSD, high resolution JPG files.


Where can my guests park when coming to my event at the Dragon Theatre?

Please consult the City of Redwood City’s website for information on parking in the area. There are many options right around the theatre with varying price points. Dragon does not have its own parking area. We're particularly fond of the County parking garage at Middlefield and Veteran's Parkway on evenings and weekends as it's free. During the day we suggest the underground garage off Jefferson Street as it's free for the first 90 minutes and then 25 cents an hour until 6p. 


Do you have any technical manuals I can reference? 

All technical equipment is provided as-is, with manuals provided for the lighting and sound system. We will be providing a house technician for all public events in the theatre. That said, you can view the Dragon How-To Tech videos here

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