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Dragon Theatre and Fuse Theatre to Co-Produce a New Redwood City Play Festival in June 2019


Dragon Productions Theatre Company and Fuse Theatre are proud to announce a joint one act play festival in Redwood City beginning this summer. The Redwood City Play Festival will combine the strengths of both companies to produce one act plays and arts events centered around a central social justice theme and will highlight local artists.


The 2019 theme is on gender-based topics, or “Gender Shorts.”  The festival will feature three one act plays. Because I Went There is new play written and developed by Fuse Theatre’s ensemble member, Hedi Flores, also a Dragon Board member and will be directed by Stacey Ardelean, Fuse Artistic Director. This project is supported by a CA$H grant from Theatre Bay Area.  The second play, Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor, was a submission by Nathanael Card, a regular Dragon lighting and scenic designer, who will be directing. The third play, by Leanna Keyes, Legal-Tender Loving Care will be directed by Keiran Beccia.    


The festival includes 2 theatre companies, 3 directors, 7 technical artists, and 13 actors just for the productions. We are also working with community business to expand the festival experience for theatre goers to explore downtown with popup art events, talks and music at local restaurants and cafes during the festival weekend.



Festival Dates: June 8-14, 2019


The Plays


Directed by Stacey Ardelean

In a world where people in positions of power and privilege, can get away with almost everything, the spouse and the parents face the truths about victim blaming/shaming of their beloved partner/child and their own biases. The audience must decide the fate of the brilliant promising athletic student. A compelling exploration of the power struggles between genders through the lens of a sexual assault case.


Karla Acosta as WIFE
Hedvig Flores as LAWYER
Michelle Marin as WOMAN
Armando Torres Pina as MAN
Marybeth Weider as MOTHER

Directed by Kieran Beccia

Rosie, lost at a public transit station, reacts with surprise when a cute young man approaches her and wants to “share his secrets” with her. Realizing that she’s being propositioned for the first time, she declines. Jayden is dejected until she says that she’ll gladly “share secrets” with him… for a price. The two head to a hotel, and a comedy of errors unfolds; doubly mistaken identities and hidden histories collide as they spar through awkward puns and performance anxiety.

Kaz Valtchev as Jayden
Marquise Walker as Rosie


NEVER SWIM ALONE by Daniel MacIvor

Directed by Nathanael Card

A swift and darkly funny satire about two egotistical men and their ruthless competition for the title of Top Dog. The play is structured as a surreal verbal sparring match: Frank and Bill, two guys in blue suits and bad ties, square off in a 13 round Battle Royale of vicious undermining and one-upmanship, refereed by their childhood crush.

Audrey Del Prete as Referee
Filip Hofman as Frank
Daniel Zafer-Joyce as Bill


Design Team: 

Isabel Siragusa - Scheduling Coordinator

Nathanael Card - Scenic Designer
Rebekah Lazar - Festival Stage Manager
Christina Diaz - Festival Costume Designer
Alex Valdavia - Festival Sound Designer


Faces of the Festival

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Community support from:
The Bap
Cyclismo Cafe
Kasa Indian Eatery


Festival Sponsors:

The Redwood City Downtown Business Group

The Redwood City Civic and Cultural Commission


Both Fuse and Dragon are 501c3 nonprofit companies.
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