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In Deep with Angie Coiro began as The Angie Coiro Show on local San Francisco radio, and became an independent production in 2007. By 2015, it was a full-fledged live production at Kepler's Books in Menlo Park. It's now produced at both Kepler's and the Dragon Theatre in Redwood City.

We focus on genuine conversations - real give and take with smart thinkers, entertaining personalities, and influential political figures. In a world of short sound bites, quick cuts, and extravagant production, we produce "one full hour on one intriguing topic".  The show records in front of a live audience on Thursdays from noon - 1p at the Dragon Theatre. Admission is free as are 90 minutes of parking in the Marshall or Jefferson parking garages adjacent to the theatre.  


Thursday,  Nov. 15th - Adam Hochschild "Lessons from a Dark Time"

We're thrilled to bring you acclaimed author and academic Adam Hochschild with his latest book, Lessons from a Dark Time - two dozen essays and pieces of reporting from his long career. Threaded through them is his concern for social justice and the people who have fought for it. The articles range from a California gun show to a Finnish prison, from a Congolese center for rape victims to the ruins of gulag camps in the Soviet Arctic. Hochschild explores why so much history is badly written; what bookshelves tell us about their owners; and his front-row seat for the shocking revelation in the 1960s that the CIA had been secretly controlling dozens of supposedly independent organizations.

With the skills of a journalist, the knowledge of a historian, and the heart of an activist, Hochschild tells of people taking a stand against despotism, speaking out against injustice, and daring to work toward a better world.

Thursday, Nov. 29th Lara Bazelon "Rectify: The Power of Restorative Justice after Wrongful Conviction"


As the truism goes, everyone behind bars is innocent - if you listen to them. The problem is a lot of them are. Our justice system is often unjust; people are convicted by a system mired in racism, classism, and systemic faults.

More than two thousand convictions have been overturned in the last three decades. Lara Bazelon's Rectify: the Power of Restorative Justice After Wrongful Conviction says opening the cell door is the beginning, not the end, of justice for the wrongly convicted. They're released into economic uncertainty and a world they may no longer have the skills to navigate. Restorative justice, she says, takes real steps to rebuild lives - not just for the wrongly convicted, but for the accusers, the juries, even the prosecutors. 

Lara Bazelon directs the Criminal Juvenile Justice and Racial Justice Clinics at the University of San Francisco School of Law. Her writings have a long-time focus on the wrongfully convicted.

Thursday, Dec. 13th - Meena Sankaran Clean Water, Refugees: Entrepreneurship For Good


We're getting a jump on our New Year's Resolution to celebrate the good around us more often - and Meena Sankaran is a powerful force for good. 

Meena came to our attention first as the founder of PRERNA, a refugee settlement program helping US newcomers move into productive, independent citizens. PRERNA's clients come from countries and faiths around the world, arriving to find an array of servicesranging from basic supplies and health care to education and job placement.

Meena Sankaran is also the founder and CEO of KETOS. She's driven by one of the Earth's biggest challenges - providing clean, safe water to communities around the globe - to bring technology on board to meet that goal. 

Join us for this conversation about harnessing the best of humans and technology to solve some of our most haunting problems - a real chance to focus on what's going right.

Doors open at 11:30p; show starts recording at noon and runs for 1 hour. 

Admission is free! 


About Angie Coiro: 


Angie Coiro



ANGIE COIRO is a lifelong radio professional whose style has been compared to Terri Gross, Rachel Maddow, and Jon Stewart. She’s shared the stage with the likes of Al Gore, Jane Mayer, Barney Frank, Roxane Gay, Dan Savage, James Forman, Jr., Charlie Jane Anders, Dana Carvey, and Cleve Jones. She spent ten years at KQED-FM and KQED-TV; hosted Spotlight on KCSM-TV; and hosted Mother Jones Radio on Air America. Angie is on staff as the journalist in residence at Kepler's Literary Foundation (KLF), where she hosts the This is Now.





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