Games & Dragons

Games and Dragons


Dragon opens its doors one Saturday a month for an afternoon of board games, card games, and comradery! 


The doors open at 1p and we need to be cleaned up and out by 5p. This event is pay what you can in cash at the door to help us offset our rent. 


The 2019 dates are as follows: 


March 16

April 27 - To honor this weekend's STEAMFest, it's a family game day! 

May 18 - To honor the play on stage, this month it will be a Lovecraftian themed set of games. Get your cthulu on! 

June 15 - cancelled due to scheduling conflict

July 20

Aug 17

Sep 21

Oct 12

Nov 16

Dec 14


Join us for Pandemic, Cards Against Humanity, Bang, or whatever else you want to play! 

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