Bora “Max” Koknar (Director) is a Turkish-born actor, director, writer, educator, producer and the Co-Artistic Director of Dragon Productions. Over a professional career of 15 years, Max has entertained over a half million people as a performer; produced a touring program serving over 100,000 children a year across the west coast; founded an education program designed to increase language fluency and communication skills of at risk youth in partnership with The Ohio State University;  created sold-out immersive experiences with Epic Immersive; and collaborated with international tech giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Box, Intuit, Genentech, and Paradox Interactive as performer, executive coach, training facilitator and experience designer.

Austin Barnes (Assistant Stage Manager/The Force) is terribly pleased to be returning to The Dragon Theater. After helping with the previous year’s Star War Holiday Special: Live! and this season’s The Revolutionists and Shoggoths on the Veldt. Austin also sits on the Dragon Board of Directors.

Jacob Vorperian (Sound Design) studied computer science at Willamette University before moving on to his current roles as House Technician for Dragon Productions, Head of Technology for Epic Immersive, and Projectionist for Viberation Visuals. Jacob also has over a decade of extensive experience in acting, singing, and dancing, with his most recent role being that of Short John in Epic Immersive’s production of The Changeling: a Neverland Story. He designed the animations for this season’s Shoggoths on the Veldt and some lights and effects for several Circus shows this year. He would like to thank Marilyn Izdebski for introducing him to the wonderful world of theater and Max and Alika for bringing him to Dragon.