May 2021 Artists in Live at the Dragon

Live at the Dragon
May 30th, 3pm
Hosted on Crowdcast


Agatha / Agatron

Agatha / Agatron is a Bay Area Event Producer, Artistic Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and Performance Artist in Street Dance & Mime. She was first introduced to Popping in Portland, OR in 2002, and moved to California in 2006 to learn more. Along the way, she met Ladybug, Spacewalker, Harry Berry, A1, many others. In 2009 she became a mascot for Plik Plok & The Robonati and member of the Boogaloo, Robotting, & Strutting Arts Alliance. She also met Granny Robotroid, William Randolph, Pop Tart, and others. Agatron often street performed with the Turfing community on Powell Street and volunteered her graphic design work both for the turfing and OG communities. In 2010, Agatron produced the first all women all styles battle on the west coast, Dream Come True, with Granny Robotroid co-hosting. Judges included Aiko Shirakawa, Tiffany Bong, and Asia 1. Soon after, the Bay Area starting having all women battles regularly, including those produced by Agatron: Dream Come True 2 and True Beauty, covered by KQED, attended by The Black Messengers, with Angyil McNeal and Turfergirl in the finals. Beside, BRSPT styles, Agatron has also explored Waacking, Vogue, House, Locking, Breaking, and Rocking. By 2015, after producing Linked Styles, 4 months of free workshops by various teachers, Agatron created the first women led Strutting crew to come out in decades, IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company. As a solo artist, and as an Artistic Director, Agatron has performed for a wide variety of events and venues, including: de Young Museum VIP parties for the Keith Haring Exhibit, Grand Opening of the Mix Teen Center at SF Public Library, Opening Act at Silicon Valley Fashion Week, Solo act at SF Hip Hop Dance Fest VIP Party, Asian Art Museum 50th Anniversary, Mark Hopkins 75th Anniversary, Intels Women in Big Data Conference, All The Way Live in Nepal & Thailand, as well as Kendrick Lamars “Alright” Music video, in which Agatron reqruited women. In 2013, Agatron met Pennywise and they created RobotClown. Both graduated as Mechanical Magicians from The Strutters Room in 2020. Agatron feels blessed to witness her event, design, & dance work paving ways for the next generation.

Roxy & Jonny

Singer, songwriter and rap artist Lois Wood teamed up with Jonny Roxx in 2019 forming the band: Roxy Roxx and the Machine. We made our own production studio, and have been producing Rock videos ever since. Jonny Roxx is a veteran rock guitarist, professional songwriter, and he has many interesting stories to tell about famous people in the business that he knew personally.


Turfer Girl

Turfer Girl is born and raised in Richmond, Ca. She started producing her own music at 14, and started Turf Dancing in 2008. In 2014 she won the True Beauty/Turf inc Dreams Come True all female battle and showcase. She is influenced by E-40, Chris Brown, and Prince.