Live at the Dragon
March 28th, 3pm
Hosted on Crowdcast


Performing Artists

Cody “Coflo”

Coflo brings a true dancer’s touch to house music. As a life long student of the American style of house dance and the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira; Coflo looks to infuse his dance and movement experience into his musical productions. A true house head; he hopes to honor the beautiful culture and community that raised him in his home of the Bay Area in California USA. In 2014 he founded Catch The Ghost Records as a creative outlet for his music which has blessed him with the opportunity to release a number of original and remix productions. In 2018, Coflo joined the esteemed Ocha Records as an artist and A&R manager. In a short period of time he would find him self as an artist and the Label Manager taking Ocha records from a few releases a year to releasing over 150 projects in a span of 3 short years. 2020 being a challenging travel year allowed Coflo to work diligently in the studio. Coflo joined the ranks amongst house music royalty on imprints such as ARCo (Atjazz), Local Talk and Osunlade’s famous, Yoruba Records. Working as an artist for such labels has been challenge and a blessing. Coflo continues to create starting out the 2021 year with his first single release on Yoruba Records titled “Soul 2 Souls” as a collaboration with Sacred H3art. With many originals and remixes slated for 2021, there is no shortage of Coflo music.

The Get Down

We are home to freestylers and dancers alike with a focus on hip hop, funk, afro and Latin street styles. We’re driven by the motto that dance is a tool to build relationships, and to build strong relationships we have to have great tools. With this motto, our goal is to nurture the inner dancer and to provide a safe space where individuals can build and grow their artistic expression. Naturally, with this love for dance, we want to share our passion with everyone around us. Ultimately, we aim to make a positive impact in the community and to keep the social dance scene alive.

Beantown Lockers

Beantown Lockers was founded in 2010, and since then our mission has been to spread Locking across New England. In the past few years alone, we’ve performed over 50 times. Our Boston-area performances have ranged from our own full-scale production “Vaudeville Funk” at Boston University Dance Theatre to a loosely constructed freestyle routine at a Bodega make-over block party in Dudley Square. And on a weekly basis, we take turns teaching a weekly “New England Lockshop” class in which we teach Locking fundamentals, freestyling, and funky combos, yo!

Dancers of the Beantown Lockers

A-A-Ron’s journey in dance started with b-boying in the Midwest during the late 1980’s and eventually led him dancing with Boston’s Floorlords Crew in the late 1990’s, when he also started to learn the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira Angola. In the 2000s, he took a hiatus from dance to pursue a career in International Affairs and start a family. A-A-Ron returned to Boston in the mid-2010s when he resumed training Capoeira Angola and took up Locking. Since 2016, he’s been Locking it up with Beantown Lockers and serves as the crew’s Co-Artistic Director alongside Carl Alleyne, the crew’s Co-Founder.

Ed Word Galan is a DJ and dancer versed inmultiple styles including salsa, bachata, and hip hop. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Ed lived in the Bay for 8 years from 2008-2016 which is where he developed his love for dance. He’s also lived in Boulder, CO and now resides in Boston, MA. He’s been part of Beantown Lockers for a year and a half.

Dani Stallz started his dance journey in 2006 when he started breaking in high school under the tutelage of Act-One, an influential b-boy, Locker, and DJ in the Boston street dance scene. Since then, he’s travelled to different states to compete in breaking events with his crew Krazy 88’s. More recently, Dani Stallz began exploring different dance styles including Locking starting in 2019 and joined Beantown Lockers at the end of 2020.

Emma, Nikki, & Shar

Emma (pronouns: they/she) is currently a senior at James Logan High School. Before starting to dance a little over two years ago, they were a competitive gymnast. Right now, they are most drawn to waacking, a style that was created in LA clubs by Black and brown gay men. Emma is also a budding activist and organizer whose passions include mental health, political education, and environmental justice. They also enjoy crocheting, texting in all caps, and laying in the sun with their dog.

Nikki is a street dance practitioner and aspiring street dance preservationist. She has learned from just about every OG who has taught a workshop from the godfathers of hip hop dance Elite Force to members of The Original Soul Train Gang including the late Tyrone “The Bone” Proctor. She is currently a student of Chuck and Kerney of the Black Messengers and part of the Students of Boogaloo team to promote worldwide online boogaloo workshops by The Black Messengers. A waacker and locker Forever, she will be demonstrating her first “street style” Locking.

Shar has trained in commercial street jazz for 19 years. She grew up in the world of choreography performing for The View, Sephora, and Ludacris, and choreographing/performing for Ryan Leslie and Jenn Cuneta. Later she discovered her passion for freestyle, the club scene and more specifically- waacking. She is now assistant to Princess Lockerooo, and her main documentarian. Shar has also singlehandedly grown her own production company called Movements by Shar. Her company films red carpet events, ENG press coverage, music videos, new media TV, live performances, directs multi cam productions, and produces documentaries. Her unique abilities to film and dance sometimes has her dancing, choreographing, filming, and editing live shows and music videos. Shar has travelled the world in all of her work and has the strongest passion for story telling, through dance and film. Visit to see more!