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Live at the Dragon is a monthly performance event that brings together dancers, activists, and artists of different disciplines to perform, connect, and advocate. Each month witness a curated collection of Hip hop, MCs, dance cyphers, and more at this celebration of the performing arts rooted in street dance and the urban arts. Live at the Dragon is presented in partnership with Hip Hop Congress, Community Street Jams, Ricardo Archila, Ivy Chen, and Chaz Cabonce.

Monthly Virtual Live Performance
Last Sunday of the Month at 3pm PT
Pay What You Will
Hosted on Crowdcast

How does Live at the Dragon work?

Curated by Community Street Jam, each month brings together a different selection of artists and activists for a virtual performance live-streamed to you. Led by hosts Rahaman Jamal and Barbara Miron, this 90-minute event is hosted on Crowdcast, a live-streaming service that allows you to  simply tune in to see the show, or chat with other viewers via messaging as you’re enjoying the performance. Join us each month to experience a new line-up of artists!

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Meet Your Hosts

Barbara Miron

Barbara Miron – Community Street Jam (Producer) is a longtime and very well known resident of Redwood City, California.  She founded Community Street Jam in 1990, and still works as a fitness professional, dance instructor, and life-skills coach today. From 1990 – 2013 Community Street Jam Performance Dance Company was a community based dance team, of all age dancers, that performed throughout the Bay Area, year round.. Barbara believes that artistic activities positively impact the health, and happiness of her community.

In 2006, Community Street Jam Fitness, Dance, and Performance Academy opened its own facility in Redwood City. During this time, the CSJ family grew and two full theatre shows a year were produced between 2006-2013, as well as many other opportunities for teaching and performance.  

Community Street Jam Studios featured Hip Hop, BreakDance, West African, Belly Dance, Hula, Jazz, Tap, with classes for kids starting at 4 years old.  CSJ teachers were hired out at many schools and community centers as well. A very successful full day camp during the summer months was very successful.

In 2013 during the development boom in Redwood City, the decision to close the studio doors was made as rising rents made it impossible to stay open.

Since then, Community Street Jam has evolved, becoming an integral part of the Street Dance scene.  Barbara spends her time hiring out her business skills for dance studios and small businesses, as well as creating and producing Live at the Dragon at the Dragon Theatre. 

At 64, Barbara is committed to living for 40 more years, and providing participation and support in artistic endeavors, and communities.

Rahman Jamaal

Rahman Jamaal (Host) is a cultural organizer, performer, teaching artist and Executive Director of nonprofit Hip Hop Congress who has served as the long-time host of Live At The Dragon since its inception.  A native of Redwood City, he was introduced to Bora “Max” Koknar by Ricardo Archila and recruited local dance teaching veteran Barb Miron of Community Street Jam to join the team as the early representatives of a community chapter of HHC in Redwood City, CA.  Rahman has brought his own talent to the stage as well as that of his Rap Force Academy students, such as 11 year-old Lev Zeiger who gave his first live performance on the Dragon Theatre stage at the age of 9.

Past Performances


Featuring Agatha/Agatron and Roxy & Jonny. Read more about the artists here.

May 30, 3pm PT, on Crowdcast

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Featuring Watzreal, Carlos Aguirre a.k.a. INFINITE, Jane The Message, and more! Learn More about the Artists

April 25, 3pm PT, on Crowdcast

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Cody “Coflo,” The Get Down, Beantown Lockers, and Emma, Nikki, & Shar Learn more about the artists

March 28, 3pm PT, on Crowdcast

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February 2021

Featuring performances by Traci Bartlow, Kevvy Kev, David "Chocolate Sushi" Freeman, Steven Rhythmz Garcia, Jamar Hopkins, and more! Learn more about the artists.

February 28, 3pm PT, on Crowdcast

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January 2021

Featuring performances by Nikki Renojo, Forever We Rock: Randel "Pugs" Cabellero and Justice, David "Surf Boogie" Carr, Leo "FishSauce", Kerney Mayers,  Jamar Hopkins, Chaz Cabonce and more!

January 24, 3pm PT, on Crowdcast

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