Improv For All starts with a playful review of the improv basics for adult students. Newbies welcome! Folks with improv experience welcome!
When we adopt a beginner’s mindset, we learn and grow. We’ll adjust as we get to know each other, have fun, learn some new games and have a blast in an in-person environment. Remember those?! Join us for fun, games, a refresher and some new things!

Spring Session:

Sessions TBA
Tuition: $200

Meet your instructor, Kathy Klotz-Guest:

Kathy Klotz-Guest, MA, MBA, Founder of Keepingâ„ , is a speaker, author, improviser and stand-up comedian. She spent 16 years in Silicon Valley high-tech leading marketing, communications and storytelling teams and almost 25 years on stand-up and improv comedy stages (tech by day, comedy by night and weekends!). 

Today, she combines those backgrounds to show leaders, companies and individuals how to use humor and improv principles to be more agile, collaborate powerfully with others, speak up with confidence, and have more fun thinking on their feet. She studied sketch comedy at Second City in LA  where she also did stand-up, and studied and performed improvisation with TheaterSports and ComedySportz. She’s a founding member of the house improvisation team at The Pear Theatre in Mountain View (since 2015).

Explore Kathy’s work at her website: