Cirque Exotique du Monde Casting Call


Auditions will be held on Saturday, the 11th of March from 10a - noon.

Location : Dragon Theatre - 2120 Broadway, Redwood City - Upstairs

Please sign up for an audition spot online at

Plan 60 - 90 minutes for your audition, and please come dressed to move. This is an acting audition. You will not need to bring any equipment with you.

If you have circus skills, please note them in the comments on the signup. You may prepare a 2- 3 minute display of your skill for the audition, if feasible (this is not required and no aerial equipment will be available).

Sides will be sent before the audition.

Please contact linda (at) with any questions.

Cirque Exotique du Monde by Kathy Boussina
Directed by Lessa Bouchard and Max Koknar

Performance: September 15 – October 8, 2017.

Tech week 9/9 – 9/15.  
Rehearsals begin 8/8.

Stipend available for all actors. Non AEA only. 
Inspired by Germany’s Circus Sarrasani, we enter the big-top of a world-renowned circus in 1936 Berlin. When a peculiar anthropologist visits Cirque Exotique du Monde seeking oddities for his own collection, the equilibrium of this patchwork family of misfits is shaken. But when the circus catches the eye of Frau Goebbels, all is at stake. Illusions must be maintained, secrets kept and personal sacrifices made. The show must go on because lives depend upon it. World premiere.

Setting: Berlin, 1936


2 Female/4 Male


Call for actors:
SARRASINE Circus owner/director 40+ Female
DR SINGER* German doctor 50+ Male
OFFICER KRAUS* Mid-level Nazi Officer 40s Male
MAGDA GOEBBELS* Political figure (wife to Joseph G.)      30s Female
HANS, the GIANT Circus performer, Large stature/voice
LITTLE GIANT* Circus performer, Little person/<=5 ft tall 30+ Male
PICNIC JAGER* Circus Finance Mgr., Little person/<=5 ft tall 30+ Male
OTTO FREUDENHEIM* Acrobat 20s Male
JOSEPH GOEBBELS* Germany’s Reichminister of Propaganda 40s Male
AUDIENCE WOMAN* Any woman Any Female
AUDIENCE MAN* Any man Any Male
*Dual/multiple roles:                    



2 - LITTLE GIANT/PICNIC JAGER                  

Character details:

SARRASINE is the world renowned French Director of the very popular Cirque Exotique du Monde.  He is known for is flare,  bravados and colorful costumes.   He is never seen though is voice is heard off-stage. TSARINA poses as him throughout the play.
TSARINA, is an exotic and eccentric woman with exaggerated speech and mannerism.
As SARRASINE she has a French as a 2nd language accent on top of a Russian or Hungarian accent.  The accent should be intentionally hard to place and have a fake sounding quality. As a woman she enunciates slowly giving the impression of a carefully covered up accent.
Picnic Jager/Little Giant (dual role)
Picnic Jager is the financial manager of Cirque Exotique du Monde. He is quick on his feet and sharp at evading authorities.  He is seemingly devious, often appearing too eager to please while keeping his own best interests at heart. 
Little Giant is part of a dual act with Hans, the Giant.  They are clowns, vaudevillian performers and elude to being contortionists.  Little Giant is a needy, insecure soul.  He’s a tormented individual who thrives on the spotlight while combatting a paralyzing stage fright.  He has a hunchback, and is prone to heavy drinking and smoking.  Male or Female considered.  Request actor 5 foot tall or less.  Circus background a plus.
Hans Heinrich, the giant.
Hans the Giant (presumably 8 feet), is a gentle, sensitive soul who enjoys escaping into a world of poetry in literature. He prefers solitude but indulges Little Giant who is his side-kick both on and off-stage.  As a performer, Hans takes his craft very seriously.  This part requires a convincingly large stature and voice.  Circus background a plus.

BOSHKA is a Jewish acrobat from Poland.  She is strong physically and emotionally.  She rarely sits still and appears to be in constant.  Her moves and speaks in somersaults, spins and flips. Aerial/Acrobat skills a plus.
MAGDA is the political wife of the propaganda minister Goebbels. As background, she was favored by Hitler and she and Goebbels were to represent to Germany the “ideal couple”.  At the time of the scene, she wanted to divorce Goebbels but Hitler would not allow it.  She is no-nonsense, stern, pragmatic, and highly political.
DR SINGER is an anthropologist and surgeon. He comes from a long line of German Jews and is proud of his heritage and academic position.  He’s overly immersed in his work, lacking balance and sensibility.  He can be pompous and exacting.
OFFICER KRAUS is a Nazi Officer struggling with doing his job and wanting to please. He is attempting to please his superior Nazi Officers and the circus, whose interests are conflicting.

OTTO FREUDENHEIM (this is a multi-role part - all other parts have few or no lines)
OTTO is a Jewish, Russian acrobat. He is a contrast to BOSHKA, not as strong, seemingly clumsy, very emotional. Aerial/acrobatic skills a plus but not required for this part.

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Headshots and résumés can be mailed year round via US Postal Mail to:

Dragon Productions Theatre Company
ATTN: Auditions
2120 Broadway St.
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