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Open Call for Monday Night Play Space Performances

Since 2016 Dragon Productions Theatre Company has hosted the Monday Night Play Space. Two Mondays a month (when we can) Dragon Productions Theatre Company opens its doors to local artists to use the space for anything, including staged readings of new plays, local film screenings, poetry slams, stand up comedy, improv demos, books readings, and anything else that the Bay Area artistic community comes up with! You need to workshop a new script in front of an audience? This is your opportunity! As a performer, there's no cost to you but we do need to get some details and book you into a time slot. Our goal is to provide local artists a venue to safely test run a new work or performance set and connect with some new fans while allowing our community a low cost way to experience new art. 


Please be aware of the following: 

  • You are responsible for casting your show/reading. 
  • Please note that this is NOT an opportunity to fully produce a new play or musical with a set. There may be a Dragon set already on the stage so we'll be closing the mid-stage curtain to give you the front of the stage as a performance space. This is really intended to workshop a new play with scripts in hand or a new improv set or whatever. Workshop and low tech are the keys here. 
  • You can enter the building at 6p on the night of your performance for set up and a quick walkthru of the performance. We unfortunately cannot accommodate other rehearsal time.
  • We will provide a technician to run lights/sound during the show and to help you get set up for the evening. We will also provide front of house staff to sell tickets and concessions for the show. This event is pay what you will in cash at the door and routinely has pretty solid crowds. Obviously we sell better when you also push the event out to your network of friends and fans. 
  • The doors open for the audience at 7p and the show starts at 7:30p on a Monday night so make sure that your work schedule and traffic accommodate this. The Dragon Theatre is located in downtown Redwood City. 
  • For some Frequently Asked Questions please refer to
  • Check for available dates in 2019. 
  • To apply for a performance slot go here


Questions? Email Alika at alika (at) 



Call for Acts and Performers for Late Night Series

Are you a stand-up comic, clown, acrobat, burlesque performer, musician, poet, mc, storyteller, dancer, or a performing artist of another discipline?

Dragon Productions Theatre Company is seeking new acts and performances of 60-90 minutes to add to our Late Night Series!

Since the summer of 2017, Dragon Theatre has been keeping its doors open late on Friday nights once a month to showcase up and coming talented local performers from around the bay.

We provide you with space and staffing to host a successful night of your performance. When all is said and done, we pay out a majority of box office receipts to you after our fixed staffing costs are covered. 

Admission for these shows is $15 in advance or $20 at the door and each ticket includes one beverage. Shows start at either 9:30 or 10:30pm. 

All shows are aged 21+. 

Contact Bora “Max” Koknar about available dates to book your act or to get more information at max (at) .

Please provide:

  • Title & Discipline of your act
  • Description of your act
  • Approximate length of your act
  • Links to media you have available to share as a sample of your work (Please include any relevant contextual information)
  • Minimum technical needs of your act
  • Any other logistical needs/considerations for your act.





Saturday, October 13th from 9a - 5p. Sign up for an audition slot HERE.


Please bring 2 headshots and 2 resumes with you to the audition. Please prepare two contrasting monologues to run a combined total of 4 minutes maximum. If you would like to be considered for Macbeth, please include a Shakespeare monologue of your choice and then some kind of contemporary contrasting monologue. 


General note for all the shows: We'd love to see a diversity of actors on stage for these juicy roles. All ethnicities, genders, ages, and body types are encouraged to come out to the general audition to get seen by the season of directors! Come bring us your best audition and show us what you've got! 


The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Kimberly Mohne Hill
Show runs January 18 – February 10, 2019

All are French women, All are beautiful, All are about to be beheaded.

OLYMPE De Gouges – badass activist playwright and feminist. Theatre nerd, excitable, passionate, a showman. Widowed and never re-married to ensure her personal freedom. Age 38

CHARLOTTE Corday – badass country girl and assassin. Very serious, hardened by righteousness, never been kissed. Age 25. Also plays FRATERNITE in a mask.

MARIE Antoinette – This role is not currently available. 

MARIANNE Angelle – A badass black woman in Paris. She is from the Caribbean, a free woman, Tough, classy, vigilant, the sanest one ofthem all. Age 30s. 


Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Produced by Max Tachis and Roneet Rahamim
Show runs March 15 – April 7, 2019

This Macbeth production will consist of a cast of 8 performing multiple roles and collaborating on show elements, including direction and design. Some pre-casting has been done, but multi-role tracks are available for any race, age, gender, or body type:

- Track 1: Witch, Porter, Lord, Soldier

- Track 2: Malcolm, Lord, Macduff Son

- Track 3: Banquo, Hecate, Doctor

- Track 4: Witch, Ross, Servant, Fleance

If you would like to be considered for Macbeth callbacks, please include a Shakespeare monologue of your choice at General Auditions.


Shoggoths on the Veldt by Cameron McNary
Directed by Co-Artistic Director Bora "Max" Koknar
Show runs May 10 – June 2, 2019

LORD MELFORD PUMBLESHIRE - Male, Late 20s-40s. Bookish. Very British. Not your stereotypical Victorian adventurer. 

LADY EUPHONIA RIGGSTONE - This role has been cast. 

FAMED EXPLORER WELTON MOUNTCRAG - Male, 20s - 50s. Your stereotypical Victorian adventurer cum Indiana Jones type.

LADY PHILLIPA BICKLEFORD-SMITH-JONES - Female - 30s-50s.  Your stereotypical Victorian lady? Heavy character work. 

CROMPIT/STEWARD/THE GOD OF THE BLOODY TONGUE/ARNULF - Male - 20s - 50s. Various comic relief/servant types. Heavy character work. Some movement and puppetry. Multiple Dialects.

The How & The Why by Sarah Treem
Produced and directed by Lana Palmer
Show runs July 12 – August 4, 2019

Zelda - A brilliant scientist in her 50s. Pragmatic, direct, held together.

Rachel - A biology graduate student in her late 20s. Pragmatic, ambitious, penetrating.


Hickorydickory by Marisa Wegrzyn
Directed by Kimberly Ridgeway
Show runs Sept 6 – Sept 29, 2019

Each character pairing is played by a single actor. 5 actors total.

JIMMY,  male, 35 (Acts 1, 3) / RICHARD, male, 40s. JIMMY’s father. (Act 2)

KATE, female, 35. (Acts 1, 3) / HELEN, female, 40s. JIMMY’s mother. (Act 2)

DALE, female, 17. (Acts 1, 3) / KATE, female, 17. (Act 2)

ROWAN, male, early 20s. Irish, with an accent. (Acts 1, 3) / JIMMY, male, 17.  (Act 2)

CARI LEE, female, 17. 

Anne of the Thousand Days by Maxwell Anderson
Produced and directed by Melinda Marks
Nov 1 – Nov 24, 2019


(All actors except those playing Anne and Henry will play multiple characters. Named characters listed below serve may not include every character in the track, but give an idea of the character profiles.)


1. Female, 25-40, any ethnicity (Anne Boleyn) - Henry VIII's wife, condemned for treason.

2. Actor, 20-35, any gender ID, any ethnicity: Lord Percy, Mark Smeaton, ensemble - Anne's former fiance, a disgraced court musician, and 3-5 other small parts.

3. Actor, 20-35, any gender ID , any ethnicity: Mary Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Thomas Wyatt - Anne's sister, Henry's future wife, a court poet, and 3-5 other small parts.

4. Actor, 30-45, any gender ID , any ethnicity: Norfolk, Madge Shelton - English nobleman, courtier, and 3-5 other small parts.

5. Actor, 30-45, any gender ID, any ethnicity: Wolsey, Norris, ensemble - Catholic official, a doomed nobleman, and 3-5 other small parts.

6. Actor, 40+, any gender ID , any ethnicity: Elizabeth Boleyn, Thomas More, ensemble - Anne's mother, Henry's Chancellor, and 3-5 other small parts.

7. Actor, 40+, any gender ID , any ethnicity: Boleyn, Cromwell, ensemble - Anne's father, Henry's minister, and 3-5 other small parts.

Non-AEA only. Stipend available for every role.

We are scheduling small groups to come in each half hour. We will do our best to keep things moving so that you can be seen within 30 minutes of your scheduled time. Please allow 60 minutes in your schedule just to be safe.


We strongly suggest parking in the County Parking Garage at Veteran's Blvd and Middlefield Way as it's got ample parking and is free on the weekends. Please plan to arrive a little early so you don't feel rushed walking to the theatre.

More info on parking and directions can be found here:

The auditions are located at: 
Dragon Theatre  at 2120 Broadway St.  in Redwood City, CA 94063


​Join the mailing list to be the first to hear about calls for actors and auditions. 


Headshots and résumés can be mailed year round via US Postal Mail to:

Dragon Productions Theatre Company
ATTN: Auditions
2120 Broadway St.
Redwood City, CA 94063

or emailed to the Company Manager, Alika, at alika (at)


Auditions for: The Making of the Star Wars Holiday Special-Live! By Donna Northcott


These auditions are for our 2018 Holiday Show.


Rehearsals: 11/26/2018-12/13/2018 with a first read through to be scheduled in early November.

Performances: 12/14/2018, 12/15/2018 and a possible extension for 12/16/2018.


We'd love to see a diversity of actors on stage for these dynamic roles. All ethnicities, genders, ages, and body types are encouraged to come out! We are looking for strong character actors with movement skills.  Come bring us your best audition and remember. . . the Force will be with you. . . always.

We are scheduling small groups to come in each half hour. We will do our best to keep things moving so that you can be seen within 30 minutes of your scheduled time. Please allow 60 minutes in your schedule just to be safe.



We strongly suggest parking in the County Parking Garage at Veteran's Blvd and Middlefield Way as it's got ample parking and is free all day Saturday. Please plan to arrive a little early so you don't feel rushed walking to the theatre.

More info on parking and directions can be found here:


Available Roles:





**TRACK 1: Luke Skywalker/Stormtrooper/Lumpy/George Lucas/Donnie Osmond as Luke.

TRACK 2: Narrator/ Voice over/Bruce Villanch.

*TRACK 3: Leia Organa/Sexy Guard/Mom/Announcer/Bobba Fett's Monster/Ackmena/Marie Osmond as Leia

**TRACK 4: Han Solo/Stormtrooper/Trump/Announcer/Shaggie Doo/Krelman/Kris Kristofferson as Han Solo.

**TRACK 5: Lando Calrissian/Battle Droid/Stormtrooper/Costumer/Saun Dann/Mermeia(Diahann Carroll)/Jefferson Starship/Boba Fett/Red Foxx as Obi Wan.

**TRACK 6: Chewbacca/Strormtrooper/Kid 1/Scoobie Doo/Paul Lynde.

TRACK 7: Moff Tarkin/C-3P0/View Screen/Guard/Imperrial Officer/Kid 2/Door Man/Sophia.

TRACK 8: Vader/Malla/Jefferson Starship/Communications Officer/Monster & Rider/Blanche.

TRACK 9: Palpatine/Itchy/Jefferson Starship/Admiral Ackbar/Gollum/Rose.



  • Please bring 1 headshot and resume with you to the audition.
  • Please prepare one short comedic monologue to run a total of 2 minutes maximum. If you are interested in a singing role bring a short acapella piece. 
  • Please be prepared to do some readings from sides.

Contact Alika at if you have questions.

Non-AEA only. Stipend available.


The auditions are located at 
Dragon Theatre  2120 Broadway St.  Redwood City, CA 94063

Dates: 09/23/2018 (Sun.)

           09/24/2018 (Mon.)

Location: 9/23/2018 @ Dragon Theatre, Main Stage.

                9/24/2018 @ Dragon Theatre, Upstairs Classroom.


Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Dragon Productions Holiday Show!

Please choose a time that will work for you and sign up here.

If you can't find an open spot, please email and let her know you are interested in auditioning.


Technical and Creative Staff  


Dragon Theatre Technical and Creative Staff Opportunities

We are currently seeking properties, sound designers, costume designers, scenic designers, lighting designers, stage managers, and assistant stage managers for the 2019 season. Potential on-the-job training for some positions available. Interested in Stage Managing, but have never tried? You can start as an Assistant Stage Manager and learn the trade. Please send a letter of intent and resume to info (at) There is a stipend for all production staff positions. 


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