P  R  E  S  E  N  T  E  D   B  Y



W E L C O M E !
Here’s how to enjoy Family Camp-in 2020 at home edition:

Live Stream plays above starting at 6pm. Full schedule is listed below.

Zoom attend story time, craft classes and an astronomy chat. Scroll down to see the schedule and links.

Watch video demos at any time. Find those links at the bottom of this page.

Share your photos and videos on instagram and twitter, using #familycampoutrwc.


Register for the 2D Virtual Playground on the Gather Platform Until 7:15pm



L I V E  S T R E A M

6:00pm Preshow Loop
Enjoy Banjo tunes by Pam Evans from the Redwood City Library while you wait for our event to begin!

6:30pm Welcome & Introductions
Welcome to the LIVE Family Camp In/Campout @Home Edition — Halloween Style! With introductions by  Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation board president, Pamela Estes, your host Tony Gapastione from Brave Maker, and your guide to Gather, where we’re hosting our 2D Virtual Campground, Alika U. Spencer-Koknar from the Dragon.

6:45pm Hide n Seek & Star Party

Join Alika as she learns about the fun you can have tonight with a game of Hide and Seek on our 2D Virtual Campground, and meet Prof. Darryl Stanford to hear more about the Star Party he will be hosting later in the evening.

6:50pm Visit Lantern Crafting
Enjoy our host Tony’s visit with Laura Stone and her daughter Maleah from the Redwood City Girl Scouts and learn the fine craft of making spooky Halloween lanterns to light up the night during your camp out.

7:00pm Visit History Booth/Hunt Stops
Learn a little about Redwood City history and head back to Gather with Alika and check out the Scavenger hunt running in our 2D Virtual Campground.

7:05pm Intro Storytelling
Alika and Reg the Hedgehog introduce us to the lovely storytelling readers!

7:10pm Tony Visits a Storytelling Session
Join Tony as he sits in on storytime with Naomi from the Redwood City Library and some of our Campout participants!

7:20pm Pillow Fort / Campsite Show n Tell
Submit your photos and videos to #familycampoutrwc or join Alika by the northeast garden on Gather to showcase your pillow forts and campsites to the rest of the campers!

7:30pm S’mores with Firefighters
Learn how to make s’mores safely indoors or outdoors with the members of our very own Redwood City Fire Department!

7:40pm Costume Parade
Throw on your favorite costume and come join us for our virtual costume parade! Get ready to dance, laugh, and move around Gather as we show-off our best costumes.

7:55pm Shadow Puppet Crafting Demo
Keep crafting with Laura and Maleah as they return to share with us some crafting tips for the stuff from your Camper Kits to help you with your shadow puppetry!

8:00pm Star Party
Join Tony and Prof. Darryl Stanford, Professor of Astronomy and Physics at College of San Mateo, and learn all about the night sky! You can be part of the Star Party and ask questions by joining him on the zoom call listen in the Interactive Events section.

8:15pm Featured Storymaking Story
Get a taste of our storymaking activities running around our virtual campfire with Alika and Dragon artists!

8:20pm Intro Sing-Along
Welcome Tony and Pam Evans from the Redwood City Library to the stream as they kick off tonight’s sing along!

8:25pm Sing-Along
Sing along with Pam as she brings to us some campsong classics! You can find the lyrics in your Camper Guide!

8:45pm Recap Video
Say Goodbye to Alika as you check out images from around our community of all the fun we had throughout the night.

8:50pm Sign-Offs

Say Goodbye to your host Tony Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation board president Pamela Estes, and the City of Redwood City’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department Director, Chris Beth  as they sign off for the night!

9:00pm End Credits

I N T E R A C T I V E   E V E N T S
V I A   Z O O M

6:40pm Facilitated Lantern Crafting
Join Laura Stone and her daughter Maleah from the Redwood City Girl Scouts live on a zoom call and learn the fine craft of making spooky halloween lanterns together.  *This activity will be featured on the LIVE Event video stream.

  Lantern Crafting

7:05pm Story Time PreK
Enjoy story time geared for PreK children with Redwood City Librarian, Naomi! *This activity will be featured on the LIVE Event video stream.

  PreK Stories

7:05pm Story Time K-3
Enjoy story time geared for Kids in grades K-3 with Redwood City Librarian, Pam!

  K-3 Stories

7:05pm Story Time (English / Español)
Enjoy a bilingual story time geared for Kids who speak English and Spanish with Redwood City Librarian, Heriberto!

  Bilingual Stories

7:05pm Story Time (Ghost Stories)
Enjoy some spooky ghost stories with Redwood City Librarian, Armando!

  Ghost Stories

8:00pm Star Party
Join Professor Darryl Stanford, Professor of Astronomy and Physics from the College of San Mateo to learn about the night sky and ask any questions you have!

  Star Party

8:05pm Name Sculpture
Learn how to get creative making art with objects you find around your house!

  Name Sculptures

8:25pm Shadow Animals Activity
Learn how to make shadow puppets with your hands and craft objects and have fun telling stories with light and shadow!

  Shadow Animals

V I D E O  D E M O S  :
W A T C H  A N Y T I M E
RWC History Factoids
Enjoy a quick tour of fascinating redwood city factoids, presented by the Redwood City Sesquicentennial Committee.

  History Factoids

Lantern Craft Demo
Missed the live lantern crafting event? Not to worry, with this video you can watch Laura Stone and her daughter Malia from the Redwood City Girl Scouts and follow along to learn the fine craft of making spooky halloween lanterns. 
Crafting Kit Supplies Demo
Watch and learn about the materials available in your Camper Kit, which you can use to create fun finger puppets with which you can create all kinds of fun shadows. 

  Demo Video

Fort Building Demo
Not sure how to set up your own epic pillow and blanket fort? Jacob and Ariel are here to share with you their own special tips and tricks on how they make their own indoor forts! 

  Demo Video

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