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Something’s not quite right in the arthropod world, and Science needs your help to find out why…

As courageous volunteers in cutting-edge research, you and your fellow humans are invited to super-secret Nomtanso Laboratories, where the state-of-the-art Shrinker Machine (patent pending) will send you on a bug-sized recon adventure to find out what has happened to the little critters at the bottom of the food chain. However, what, or rather, who awaits may surprise you. How will your research play out? Will you find Thea L’Anna?  

This is a playful interactive tale about the myriad of ways we experience grief, and the opportunities we have to help each other through it. Hosted on the proximity chat platform, audiences of 12 will set out to uncover the mystery of Thea L’Anna in a branching narrative adventure story with light escape room-like puzzling elements, surprising characters, and poetic dialogue. This is part show, part game; something like a mix between Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Pokémon Red if it were written by T.S. Elliot. Don’t miss this soul-stirring experience. We’ve shared so much grief together, it’s worth sharing the recovery, too.

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Our Process

It is essential that this story arise from authenticity. The director and writer are working with the actors to craft characters and performances which capture the quirks (and often contradictions) of real, lived experiences. To build on that authenticity, we offered donors of the project the chance to participate in a “beta” run – and an early-access preview of the first act of the show [from July 9 – 25] – and share [their] reactions and ideas to help influence the continued development of Thea L’Anna.

Thea L’Anna runs:
September 10th – October 3rd
Thursdays through Saturdays at 6:30 pm PT
Sundays at 4:30 pm PT

Tickets Available Now

Meet the Project Team

Director, Nathanael Card

Nathanael is a theatre and virtual events professional. Among his occupations are producing, directing, scenic design and scenic art, lighting design and electrics, and occasionally performing. Before relocating to Oakland, CA in 2014, he was a company member with Chicago’s CollaborAction Theatre Company, where he designed interactive experiences for Electric Forest Music Festival, The Art Institute of Chicago, City of Chicago DCASE, and others; and technical directed the first Chicago Parks tour of Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology, which eventually became Peacebook. At Dragon, he has designed scenic and lighting for a number of shows, including The Nether, Shoggoths on the Veldt, and The Revolutionists; he has produced and directed AJ’s Virtual Party, and the multi-voice video poem “We Howl,” and has designed a number of maps for Dragon’s virtual events on the proximity chat platform, including Party at the End of the World, and Redwood City Park & Arts’ Family Camp-In Campout. He also serves on the board for TigerBear Productions. Artistic inspiration for Nathanael often comes from nature, literature, games, and the evolution of human technology.

Co-Director, Spencer Williams

Spencer Williams is a collaborator for media and immersive entertainment.  His work includes Tales By Candlelight: Session Zerø (winner, 2020 NoPro Immersive Award for Live Action Gaming; Finalist, Indiecade 2020 for Performance)Those in Los Angeles can see his face as J.P. Sando of Elsewhere at the Madcap Motel. As a producer, he’s been a part of Mother’s Milk (Winner, Seattle International FIlm Festival) and The Gaze: Season 1, “…No Homo.” (Official Selection, SIFF; Winner, Micheaux FIlm festival for best comedy series; Winner, 2020 Webby for diversity & inclusion; Emmy nominated, for outstanding editing [more potential nominations pending]). The ability to connect with Dragon, Nate, the team and you, our audience, to find joy in delicate pain is something that calls to him.



Associate Director, Anju Hyppolite

Actors and Ensemble Writers:

Kimberly Ridgeway

Alix Josefski

Alika Spencer-Koknar

Alicia PM Nelson

KC Hyland

Darica Louie

Anju Hyppolite

Web Development Associate, Darica Louie

Grief Consultant and Dramaturg, Elaine Blank PhD

Graphic Designer and Campaign Community Manager, G.V. Hartman Consultation and Environment Design, Magnetic Mapworks


Tickets Available Now