A Message from Dr. Thea...

Does this sound familiar to you? Dr. T’s words have a way of echoing.


Well I certainly can’t keep the contents of these drives to myself, so I’ve copied the contents to the internet for you to enjoy with me.


Here’s one Shaped Like a Hummingbird (Spotify), where you’ll find a mix of songs for sad days; and the other, Basic Black (Discord), an online community centered on the show and it’s themes: grief support, ecological advocacy, and self-expression.


If Discord is not for you, but you find yourself in any need of professional guidance in navigating your own grief journey, Thea L’Anna’s consulting psychologist, Dr. Yelena Blank has made herself available for our audience members. Reach out at any time and she’ll be happy to provide some resources to get you through the tough times.


What’s next for Thea L’Anna? The best way to stay up to date, or even participate, is to join us on Discord and follow the show on IG @Thea_LAnna. In the immediate future, we’re putting the finishing touches on some character portraits created by G.V. Hartman (sneak peeks below), which will also be issued as a coloring book! So keep an eye out for those.


Kindly yours,


Nate Card

Producing Director, Thea L’Anna


There’s nothing wrong with a bargain

And it’s okay to deny

You’re allowed to be angry

There’s no wrong way to cry