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Drop-In Virtual Writer's Cafe

Do you miss being able to write in cafes, surrounded by the aroma of coffee and the companionable tapping of fingers on keys? Join playwright Bridgette Dutta Portman on Zoom on Saturday mornings. We will spend the first few minutes of each session checking in with one another and sharing encouragement and professional resources, then simply WRITE. Work on whatever your current project may be. Drop in whenever you feel like it, and stay for as long as you please. And while we can’t provide the coffee, you are welcome to bring your own! Learn More Here

Saturday Mornings
10:00 am - 12 noon PT
Hosted on Zoom
Tickets: Free!

Donations appreciated.

Thea L'Anna

What animals come to mind when you think of “having feelings?” Humans certainly. Other mammals perhaps. Maybe even birds. But, what about...bugs? Join Dr. Thea and their team at Nomtanso Labs in our virtual theater, hosted on Gather, for this intimate and playful experience where you and 11 others can engage with the actors, and each other, to help further the groundbreaking research into the surprising emotional lives of arthropods in this live performance meets video game production!
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September 10th - October 3rd
Thurs - Sats at 6:30 pm PT
Sundays at 4:30 pm PT
Hosted on Gather
Tickets: $35

Accessibility Admission and Sponsorships available.

Dragon Eggs: September

Dragon Eggs is a monthly opportunity for playwrights from across the globe to have their short plays performed and receive feedback from theatre professionals and lovers. This development process centers around under-represented voices and intersectional stories. Each month, join us for three short plays by playwrights from the Bay Area and beyond! This program is produced by Kimberly Ridgeway.

Learn More Here

September 19, 2:00 pm PT
Hosted on Crowdcast
Tickets: Donation Based

All donations go to paying the artists involed in the project.


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