Dragon Experience Design Lab

A new component of Dragon’s 2020 season is the Dragon Experience Design Lab (DXDL). Leveraging the immersive and devised theater experience of Co-Artistic Directors Bora “Max” Koknar and Alika Spencer-Koknar, Dragon is looking to create new experiences for the community. Immersive art considers the audience’s relationship to the performance and empowers the audience to be more than just spectators. It creates opportunities for audience engagements to go beyond the duration of the show or the traditional performance space. DXDL looks to challenge assumptions about the rules and definitions of theatre and other artistic disciplines. DXDL aims to be inclusive as it will take a multidisciplinary approach to creation and design by drawing from a wide range of creative disciplines to explore ethnic and cultural art forms. DXDL looks to connect to contemporary pop-culture to make an artistic experience less alien to community members who have never attended a performing arts event. But above all, DXDL aims to be a communal experience to build community through a shared and unique experience for both the artists and the audience. We tested the DXDL this season with the companion escape room for our play Shoggoths on the Veldt and will continue with related companion events for several shows in 2020. Check this space in a few months for some fun companion events!