Feeling lonely? Miss theatre shop-talk? Drinking with the Dragon is a monthly opportunity to chat with Dragon-ites and friends as they discuss art, life, and a myriad of fun and interesting tangents. You will likely meet some brilliant new artists and learn something new. Grab something to sip on, whether it’s a gin and tonic or a ginger ale and let’s go!


Monthly Virtual Hang & Chat
Weekday Evenings
Free, with option to donate
Hosted on Twitch

How does Drinking with the Dragon work?

We’re so glad you asked! Each month, the Dragon invites current collaborators, friends, and generally interesting people to participate in a conversation that is live-streamed to you, our ever-faithful audience member! At the appointed day and time, jump on Twitch with your beverage of choice in hand.

You get to choose your level of engagement! Twitch is a live-streaming service where you can simply watch and enjoy listening to the conversation, or you can chat with other people currently watching with you. Join a little late, leave a little early, it’s all up to you. We typically stay live for about an hour, so sign on when it’s convenient for you.

Upcoming Events


Join Max & Alika as they chat with artists from the upcoming project Thea L’Anna.

Wednesday, June 16th, 6:30pm

Hosted on Twitch



Meet Your Hosts

Alika U. Spencer-Koknar

Dragon Chief Talent Officer

Alika U. Spencer-Koknar (she/her) is Bay Area born and raised and graduated from Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in 2006.  She is honored to be working alongside her husband, Bora “Max” Koknar as Co-Artistic Directors of Dragon Theatre. Read More



Max “Bora” Koknar

Dragon Chief Visionary Officer

Bora “Max” Koknar (he/him) is a Turkish-born actor, director, writer, educator, producer and the Co-Artistic Director of the Dragon. Read More