Live at the Dragon

A partnership with Hip Hop Congress, and Community Street Jams, Ricardo Archila, Ivy Chen, and Chaz Cabonce. Formerly called Enter the Dragon, Live at the Dragon is a community open stage night on the final Sunday night of the month to highlight the talent of all kinds of Bay Area artists and beyond! Hip hop, MCs, dance cyphers, and more celebrate the urban arts. But sometimes also romantic musical comedy duets, Miss Redwood City on roller skates, and an actress playing a saw appear in the rotation. See the upcoming dates and sign up for a slot!


Live at the Dragon is going online for a night of online performances. This month’s lineup includes some stellar Bay Area talent performing from home. Join us November 29th from 7-9p on Crowdcast for a pay what you will price!



Vito, originally from Hollister, California, currently living in San Bernadino. Vito is majoring in theatre and philosophy. He started his dance journed in a break dance class at 8 years old. He was part of the the Total Chaos crew. After that, circumstances in life kept him fromdance until high school. After seeing street dance style and getting smoked in a battle, he started learning from many icons of the street dance community. He has taken workshops from Boogie Frantic, Kid Boogie, Junior Boogaloo, slim Boogie, Prince Ali, Boogaloo Dan and Pop Tart. Projects he has been invoved in include, Super Bowl City and All the Way Live. He has traveled internationally to Taiwan as part of a team who taught hundreds of kids in a 10 day tour. He wanted to say he hopes everone tuning in is safe and he appreciates being able to dance for the Live at the Dragon Audience Tonight.




Marina NurseBoogy Stankov-Hodge, Born in Colorado, Marina has been in the Bay Area for 20 years. She started breaking in 1996 and then also became a practitioner of many of the street dance styles. She was a member of one of the first all female breaking crews, one of the first Zulu Queens. Marina is first and foremost an Activist as well as a Registered Nurse at Highland Hospital, Oakland Dancer, Musician, Wellness Advocate, Triathelete.







In mid March 2020, as a result of the COVID crisis, all rehearsals were shut down. All performances, one of our main revenue sources, were cancelled. One of our young sopranos was stricken with COVID and remains in “long haul” recovery. Some attrition inevitably occurred. We struggled on to find a way to rehearse in real time and have since set up “drive-in” rehearsals at the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living. We produced our first virtual video, “You’ll Be Okay,” a passionate and heartelt message of hope and connection during this time. We hope, that with community support, we will be able to perform again sometime in 2021.




Zuce “Zoulstatic” Morales was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico, where she began her formal dance training at the age of 15, moved to Los Angeles in 2016 when she was 19 years old, in order to pursue her dreams as a professional dancer. She is trained in Hip Hop, Whacking, Popping, House, and other dance forms but her specialty is Locking. While she trained at the legendary Debbie Reynolds Dance Studios, Movement Lifestyle and Millennium, she attended to Glendale College where she got two certifications, one in “Dance Teaching” and another in “Choreography and Dance Technique Studies”. She has been the winner of competitions like Red Bull Dance Your Style LA and CSLA’s H4 2019. Currently, Zuce is focused on making the Locking dance community grow in Los Angeles, by teaching at professional studios and hosting free community sessions in the area called “Let’s Lock!”. She is working towards merging the industry with the community world and give opportunities to street dancers who are talented but miss representation or contacts, as well as sharing Don “Campbellock” Campbell’s legacy to future generations to carry it on. One of her goals is to turn Los Angeles in another capital of Locking, where dance workshops, parties and competitions will be hosted and dancers from all over the world travel to learn from the OGs and LA community members. Represented by Go2Talent Agency.


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Hosted by Rahaman Jamal and Barba Mirron