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A partnership with Hip Hop Congress, and Community Street Jams, Ricardo Archila, Ivy Chen, and Chaz Cabonce. Formerly called Enter the Dragon, Live at the Dragon is a community open stage night on select Sunday nights to highlight the talent of all kinds of Bay Area artists. Hip hop, MCs, dance cyphers, and more celebrate the urban arts. But sometimes also romantic musical comedy duets, Miss Redwood City on roller skates, and an actress playing a saw appear in the rotation. See the upcoming dates and sign up for a slot! $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Online sales end at noon the day before the show.


Sunday, March 15th from 8-10p – CANCELLED

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Tasha Malan


Singer/ songwriter, Tasha Malan, was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Malan developed her style listening to R&B, Rap, Alternative Pop and Soul. The vocalist has been singing and writing music for almost all her life and composed her first original song at the early age of 7. Malan released her most recent single “Personal” at the beginning of this year.



12 year old Lev Zeiger, known by the stage name Leverage80, is a songwriter and rapper. While writing dozens of raps starting at age 8, and recording over 12 as a student of Rahman Jamaal, Leverage80 has always focused on 2 root goals: informing people and making them happy. Following multiple performances atLIve at the Dragon, Tuolumne Trails, Stanford Sierra Camp, Common Roots Farm, and the Riekes Center, he is excited to entertain once again at Live at the Dragon!
Hear Leverage80 at:


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