Live at the Dragon

August poster

A partnership with Hip Hop Congress, and Community Street Jams, Ricardo Archila, Ivy Chen, and Chaz Cabonce. Formerly called Enter the Dragon, Live at the Dragon is a community open stage night on select Sunday nights to highlight the talent of all kinds of Bay Area artists. Hip hop, MCs, dance cyphers, and more celebrate the urban arts. But sometimes also romantic musical comedy duets, Miss Redwood City on roller skates, and an actress playing a saw appear in the rotation. See the upcoming dates and sign up for a slot!


Live at the Dragon is going online for a night of online performances. This month’s lineup includes some stellar Bay Area talent performing from home. Join us August 30th from 7-9p on Crowdcast for a pay what you will price! 

Kritika poster

Kritika Anil Kumar is an Indian-based dancer who is also an Engineer. She began dancing at the young age of 4. She possess passion passion towards dance forms like Hip-hop, popping, and house. She has been teaching and performing from the past 7 years. She is originally from Bangalore, India. She has won and also judged dance competitions around the city and was also featured in a music video called “Understanding a Paradox” aired on Vh1.





3Headed Dragon poster

3-Headed Dragon, formed of MaQ Steez, Madman of RDV and YDMC, is a vibrant hip-hop group from San Jose, CA that combines tremendous power along with smooth styles and supreme lyricism in their music, as well as in their energetic live shows. The content is hard-hitting with positive messages.






Fabi Santiago posterFabi Santiago, from Chicago, IL, is is a professional dancer as well a dance instructor and choreographer in the Bay Area. She began her career dancing professionally with Menlowe Ballet for the past three years and had also performed with Emotion Arts and Em(body) Dance Project. Outside from work, she is also a freelance performer specializing in free-flow / improvisational movement where she plays with the dynamics of ballet, contemporary, and acrobatics. She looks forward to performing for everyone here at Live at the Dragon and hopes you enjoy the show!




Zebra Pants poster

Originally from the East Coast, now based out of San Francisco, Zebrapants is a freestyle Hiphop dancer with focus on both popping AND locking.







Jamar Hopkins poster

Jamar Earl Jamal Hopkins, aka as JAM, started his 30-year journey of street dance, art and HIP HOP CULTURE, in 1989 on the Oakland, California streets. He has travelled extensively to study urban dance styles like Popping, Locking, Bboying, House, martial arts and he continues to evolve in his ever-growing “TOWNSHIPSOL” style, Jamar is a founding member of bay area dance crew BEATZ “N” PIECES, and has worked with artists such as Outkast, N.E.R.D, and Common. JAM has been featured in music videos, commercials, television shows, and radio shows in both Boston and Bay Area. He continues to perform and showcase in the Bay Area for a number of Local talents such as Too Short, Hieroglyphics, non-profit organizations All The Way Live, and so many more. Jamar is very commited to his youth empowerment courses he does in various schools, after-school-programs and dance studios.


Rahmaan Jamal poster

Hosted by Rahaman Jamal and Barba Mirron.