Much like a teaching hospital, for years Dragon has been a kind of teaching theater where emerging artists or artists new to the Bay Area have been able to hone their craft, make connections, and rely on the support of the professionals at Dragon. We are looking to codify this mentality with the Dragon’s Nest. The Dragon’s Nest seeks to maintain a healthy creative ecosystem in the Bay Area by supporting the development of new works and by developing the skills of emerging artists. To this effect, our current Monday Night, Late Night, and Circus Arts series are now all contained within the umbrella of the Dragon’s Nest as all three series’ are developmental opportunities for local artists. As part of a company re-branding effort in progress, the ongoing 2nd Stages Series will be renamed the Dragon’s Nest Producer Residency Program to better acknowledge Dragon’s commitment to the development of local artists of varying disciplines. Fully half of Dragon’s Theatre Season remains produced and created by Dragon’s Nest Incubator producers learning the craft of theatrical production. Dragon intends to open its wings to include more than just theatre artists to make the Dragon a home for everyone. Welcome to the Dragon’s Nest!


Producer Residency

The Dragon’s Nest Producer Residency program is the 2nd Stages program rebranded. As a Dragon’s Nest Resident Producer, artists apply to produce a passion project and if chosen, the Dragon Productions Theatre Company staff provides mentoring, support, and seed funding to these individuals who otherwise might not be given professional producing opportunities for their dream projects. Get more information about the proposal process. (Coming in the spring)


Designer/Artist Residency

A new program, Dragon is choosing designers from several theatrical fields to become the Resident Designers for their department. They will be mentoring and overseeing designers in their field to help develop emerging designers and technicians to provide real-world work and experience to help build skills and resumes.


Since 2017 Anna Yanushkevich, the fringe festival award winning producer and aerialist has brought her sold out and stunning performances to the Dragon. Anna and her fellow teachers at Redwood City’s Inspiration Studios create and perform in all the shows. Some shows are open to their students to showcase their classwork, sometimes the teachers are the performers, and sometimes they have open auditions for other Bay Area Circus artists. Regardless of who’s performing, these shows are incredibly beautiful and include aerial hoop (called the lyra), aerial silks, dance, song, contortion, and whatever else these talented artists bring to the show. In 2020 we have added a Circus Subscription so you can be sure to never miss a show! Get information on upcoming Circus performances. Season subscriptions now on sale if you’re interested in three or more shows in the series!


Community Events

This encompasses some of our recurring monthly programs, as well as some newly developing festivals like the Singular Stories Solo Show Festival and the Redwood City One Act Festival. It’s a big basket of events to represent the diverse local community.


Formerly called Enter the Dragon, this partnership with Arch Films, Hip Hop Congress, and Community Street Jams, Live at the Dragon is a community open stage night on select Sunday nights to highlight the talent of all kinds of Bay Area artists. Hip hop, MCs, dance cyphers, and more celebrate the urban arts. But sometimes also romantic musical comedy duets, Miss Redwood City on roller skates, and an actress playing a saw appear in the rotation. See the upcoming dates and sign up for a slot!


ABC party line banner

Tuesdays at 11:00a PT on Zoom
We know how important it is to stay connected, and how powerful it can be to bond through storytelling. That’s why we created Audio Book Club: Party Line! Join us each Tuesday for a live reading of a short story done by a professional actor, followed by a lively facilitated discussion. Learn more here!



Third Sunday of the month at 2p PT on Crowdcast
Dragon Eggs, formerly “COEXIST Short Play Clinic,” is a program for playwrights to submit short plays (under 20 minutes) exploring a new theme every month. Readings provide a “fishbowl” workshop for playwrights to receive feedback if desired. Facilitated and managed by Dragon’s New Works Director, Kimberly Ridgeway. Learn more here.




Sleepless with the Dragon Third Saturday of the month at 11:30p PT on Twitch
These will be evenings for our community to gather around the virtual campfire! Feel free to roast your own marshmallows and enjoy hot cocoa for the telling of spooky stories. Sleepless with the Dragon is hosted by Samantha Ricci. More details about this event here.



Drinking With the Dragon

Select Wednesdays at 6:30p PT on Twitch
Feeling lonely? Want to just hang out and talk about things? Bring your own beverage, whether it’s a gin and tonic or a ginger ale, and talk about art and life and the world, whatever you’re missing from the lack of human contact. Consider this a party/shindig/salon hang out! Drinking with the Dragon is hosted by Co-Artistic Directors Max and Alika.