At the Port: Dragon’s Drive-In Variety Show

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Join the Dragon at the Port of Redwood City for an unforgettable drive-in experience!


Get ready for a wild car-ride through the arts!

Each night, your host and industry veteran, Bora “Max” Koknar will introduce friends and collaborators from the Bay Area (and beyond!) arts scene who will share performances which will move you to laughter, to tears, or simply drop your jaw in awe.

For those who miss human contact, these nights will bring you closer to your community from the safety and comfort of your car! Each night will begin with a pre-show trivia game, or other interactive activity, using devices such as your phone and car radio, with those in the cars surrounding you. Once it is show time, Max will guide you through an irreverent journey through the performing arts via live and pre-recorded performances that range from Shakespeare to Sketch Comedy, Opera to Acrobatics, Break Dancing to Story Spinning and anything in between on any given night. This novel experience will also feature an opportunity to peel back the veil and glimpse the humanity behind the arts through short conversations between Max and some of the participating artists, discussing life and authentic & meaningful art-making in our current times. 

Event Dates

June 4 – BraveMaker Film Fest, Sedric Drake & More
June 5 – Dan & James Chan, Sinjin Jones & More
June 18 – Mike Fatum, Carolyn Spagnoletti, Arturo Raygoza Jr., Akaina Ghosh & More
June 25- San Jose Taiko, Jesús U Bettawork, Spring Awakening & More
June 26- The Corner Laughers, Magical Katrina, Oscar Velarde & More

Gates open at 7:30pm
Showtime: 8:30pm – 10:00pm PT
Tickets: $25 – $55/vehicle

Port of Redwood City
459 Seaport Court, Redwood City, 94063


Thank you to our partners:

Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services

Redwood City Events

Port of Redwood City

June 4th Performances

Tony Gapastione & BraveMaker 

Tony Gapastione is the founder and executive director of BraveMaker a Redwood City nonprofit organization devoted to elevating brave stories through film for justice, diversity and inclusion. BraveMaker curates and makes provocative, life changing media that creates meaningful culture impacting experiences. They not only want to entertain but to incite dialogue, awareness and bravely shape our culture. They believe in the power of story relayed through films and we want to empower others who have these same aspirations.



Sedric Drake, Stand-Up Comedian

Sedric Drake is a stand-up comic from Menlo Park. With a mission of Initiating laughter and love to the masses to help heal our world, Sedric takes the art of comedy and its power to build and empower communities seriously. Over a career in comedy which started with a dare by a girlfriend who is now his wife, Sedric has become a comics’ comic and a beloved member of the stand-up community. Until they were disrupted by the pandemic, Sedric was the host and producer of regular comedy shows at the Dragon with line ups featuring some of the best in the stand-up comedy world from the Bay Area and beyond. Sedric’s performances are recommended for those ages 13+.

With appearances from Cirque de la Luna, Dana Soliman, and more!


June 5th Performances

Dan & James Chan, Magic 

As an internationally renowned, award-winning magician & mind-reader, Dan Chan presents world-class magic and mind-reading. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dan is regarded as one of the world’s top magicians and performs at events for thought leaders and influencers. Prior to pivoting to virtual events, Dan performed 5000 plus shows worldwide. Dan Chan provides the perfect entertainment for savvy corporate audiences and families, alike. Dan’s signature effects and pick-pocketing are legendary among Silicon Valley elite and billionaires. Learn more at

Tony Gapastione & BraveMaker 

Tony Gapastione is the founder and executive director of BraveMaker a Redwood City nonprofit organization devoted to elevating brave stories through film for justice, diversity and inclusion. BraveMaker curates and makes provocative, life changing media that creates meaningful culture impacting experiences. They not only want to entertain but to incite dialogue, awareness and bravely shape our culture. They believe in the power of story relayed through films and we want to empower others who have these same aspirations.


Sinjin Jones, Automatic Storytelling 

Sinjin Jones is a multimedia jack of all trades. He loves experimenting with and practicing directing, choreography, creative writing, slam poetry, painting, lighting design, and sound design (to name a few). His passion for the arts led him to found the Otherworld Collective in Colorado as a way to experiment with storytelling through different media, and to serve as Artistic Director and Board Vice President of A Theatre Group in Silverton, Colorado. In 2019, Sinjin moved from Colorado to the Bay Area and is currently the Artistic Director at Pear Theatre in Mountain View, California where he has used his skills and innovative spirit to keep Pear Theatre running during the global pandemic. Sinjin is a believer that stories are fundamental to our communication as human beings and that in our new era of storytelling, the story itself will fundamentally decide the medium. Over the last year Sinjin has emerged as a fan favorite at Dragon’s Sleepless with the Dragon with his unique and masterful take on improvisational storytelling which we call “Automatic Storytelling.”

With appearances from Carolyn Spagnoletti, Cirque de la Luna & more!


June 18th Performances

Mike Fatum & the League of Swords, Stage Combat & Interview 

The League of Swords is a heart pounding, live action sword fighting experience. A fighting game brought to life, it brings together fighters from across dimensions and times for the ultimate battle.

Carolyn (Demisch) Spagnoletti, Vocal Performance

Carolyn Demisch is a singer, aerialist, and theater-maker currently based in the Bay Area. She’s sang jazz, theater, and rock music on stages in New York, Seoul, and San Francisco and has performed in several of the Dragon’s Circus shows. In 2019 she produced and performed in the sold-out revue “A Kind of Magic,” featuring the songs of the legendary band Queen. Being forced to stay home in 2020 led her to double down on creative experiments in video and music production, as well as enhancing her repertoire of classical art songs and opera arias. Her latest creative experiment is a series of original, AI-assisted songs which she plans to release under the stage name Aubergina.

Arturo Raygoza Jr, Stand Up Comedy 

Originally from Union City, Ca. Art has over 10 years of performance experience. The first time he performed stand up was in 2009 at Tommy T’s Comedy Club in Pleasanton, Ca. That moment was the spark that set off an entertainment career and a love for making people laugh. Arturo always had great stage presence and energy on stage but he realized that if he wanted to maximize his potential as a stand up comic he could learn many valuable tools from other performing arts. While still performing stand up Arturo began acting in theatre and film. He spent four years studying improv comedy at Made Up Theatre in Fremont, Ca. He also wrote sketch comedy at A.I.T. in San Jose. The plan was always to take the lessons he learned from all of these different mediums to advance his stand up comedy act. Did it work? Get a ticket to one of his shows and find out for yourself. Arturo Raygoza Jr. would love to see you in the audience!

Akaina Ghosh, Musical Performance

Akaina Ghosh (they/them) is a non-binary Bay Area theater artist. They’ve debuted original works at PianoFight, Z-Below, TheatreFIRST, and The Flight Deck. They are a two-time recipient of 3GirlsTheatre’s Innovator’s Series Grant, which they used to develop their original full-length play: Two Coins for the Ferryman – An Immersive Quest. In 2020, their original musical Lilith was a semi-finalist in the National Alliance for Musical Theater’s 15-Minute Musical Challenge. They are passionate about reconstructing historically significant narratives through a gender expansive lens and generating new works that center queer voices and perspectives. Akaina is a member of the writing pools of both PlayGround and Killing My Lobster. Follow Akaina’s work at


More Performances to be Announced Soon!


June 25th Performances

San Jose Taiko, Taiko Performance

Founded in 1973, San Jose Taiko has been described as a group whose music represents the “Asian soul of America”. It was one of the first North American taiko groups to be invited to perform in Japan, and it has since infused its music with the rhythms of Silicon Valley’s diverse cultures through artistic collaborations; creating some of the most unique and unforgettable experiences in the world. Before the Pandemic struck, the group was just beginning a run of Swingposium on the Road ( a touring experience blending Taiko, Swing Dance, and Immersive Theatre to pay tribute to the resilient spirit of Japanese Americans whom the U.S. Government imprisoned at incarceration camps during WWII. You can learn more about San Jose Taiko and this work on their website or on social media @sanjosetaiko.

Jesús U Bettawork, Standy Up Comedy & Dance

Get ready for the 100% real-fruit comedy of Jesús U. BettaWork (preferred pronouns: Hee, Hiss, and Hymn)! He is the host of the monthly “The You Betta Work Comedy ¡Fiesta!” comedy showcase most recently housed at the San Mateo County Pride Center. Jesús has also had the pleasure of being the host of the San Mateo County Pride Celebration in 2019, 2020, and 2021. For more about Jesús, or if he owes you money, check out his website: Photo by Steven Underhill.




Portola Valley Theater Conservatory, Vocal Selections from Spring Awakening, Book and Lyrics by Steven Sater, Music by Duncan Sheik

Located in the serene redwoods of northern California, Portola Valley Theatre Conservatory strives to create quality theatrical experiences for audiences and artists throughout the Bay Area Peninsula. Currently, 150 students, kindergarten through high school, take performing arts classes weekly at the Valley Pres campus. In addition, our teaching artists conduct classes in local schools, home schools, and in East Palo Alto. Plays and musicals featuring kids and adults focus on messages of hope and transformation. It has been thrilling to see that in our 17 years of existence, hundreds of students and thousands of audience members have become part PVTC’s special arts community!

More Performances to be Announced Soon!


June 26th Performances

The Corner Laughers, Musical Performance

The Corner Laughers are a Redwood City-based band specializing in original, dreamy, literate pop, rock and folk music. They’ve released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including 2020’s “Temescal Telegraph,” featuring songs involving — among other things– climate change, motherhood, mathematics, bees in harmony, witches, ghosts, fallen leaves and omniscient vultures.

“The Corner Laughers are a Californian band who come across like a West Coast Belle and Sebastian. Their indie pop is sassy and smart, intelligent and intricate, twee with bite.” – The Guardian


Magical Katrina, Magic — Bio coming soon!


Oscar Velarde, Juggling

Oscar Velarde is an Actor and Circus Performer from Los Angeles, California who currently resides in San Francisco, California. He recently Graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Acting. He has extensive training in a wide variety of skills. Oscar has been trained in stage combat and a variety of martial arts including Karate-Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and weapons training such as stage guns, Bo staff, Sai’s, and various swords. Oscar has also been trained in a wide variety of circus arts. He is a professional juggler and object manipulator who specializes in the Diabolo, also known as a Chinese Yo-yo. He is also trained in balance arts such as Rolla-Bolla, Rolling Globe, and Tight Wire. He is also a very well trained clown who studied under Dan Griffths in the Circus Center Clown Conservatory and learned Comedy Sketch Writing from the legendary Anne Beats.

More Performances to be Announced Soon!