Dragon Reimagined

2020 has proven to be not at all the year we were expecting for our 20th anniversary season. With Dragon’s physical space closed with no safe re-opening date in sight we’ve done a very fast pivot to provide a whole slew of online events to keep our isolated friends connected and to continue our mission of supporting local artists. Here’s a look at some of the events we’ve got planned in our regular rotation. All of these events are streamed for free but donations are gratefully accepted to help us continue our work.

ABC party line banner

Tuesdays at 11:00a on Zoom

We know how important it is to stay connected, and how powerful it can be to bond through storytelling. That’s why we created Audio Book Club: Party Line! Join us each Tuesday for a live reading of a short story done by a professional voice actor, followed by a lively facilitated discussion. Learn more here!



Drinking With the Dragon Select Wednesdays at 6:30p on Twitch.tv/dragontheatre

Feeling lonely? Want to just hang out and talk about things? Bring your own beverage, whether it’s a gin and tonic or a ginger ale, and talk about art and life and the world, whatever you’re missing from the lack of human contact.

Hosted by Co-Artistic Directors Max and Alika, consider this a party/shindig/salon hang out.



CoExist Cocktails

Select Wednesdays at 6:30p on Twitch.tv/dragontheatre and Zoom.

A spin-off of our usual Drinking with the Dragon as we kick-off the new evolution of our collaboration with Fuse Theatre, the Redwood City Play Festival, and specifically, this year’s Co-Exist Festival. As we sip our drinks, Artistic Directors of both companies will talk about the upcoming CO-EXIST events we’re bringing online.


Thursdays at 10:30a on Facebook Live or Twitch.tv/dragontheatre

Dragon’s Co-Artistic Director Alika and her friend, Mr. Reginald T. Hedgehog read from faerie tales and folklore from Aesop to Anansi as well as contemporary books that help us understand what’s happening in the world around us. You can chat with Alika and Reg while they are live using the chat feature!



Workout at Noon

Fridays at noon on Facebook Live or Twitch.tv/dragontheatre

Join us for a lunchtime workout of your acting muscles!

This is open to actors and non-actors alike as a way to take a break mid-day to get a little time paying attention to your mind, body and voice as you follow along.



Sleepless with the Dragon Third Saturday of the month at 11:30p on Twitch.tv/dragontheatre

Hosted by Samantha Ricci, this will be an evening of gathering around the virtual campfire, telling spooky stories with some friends.


More details about this event here.


Live at the Dragon

Last Sunday of the month at 8p on Twitch.tv/dragontheatre

Live at the Dragon is a community open stage night on select Sunday nights to highlight the talent of all kinds of Bay Area artists. Hip hop, MCs, dance cyphers, and more celebrate the urban arts. See the upcoming dates and sign up for a slot! Details on this month’s show is here.

Co-Exist art

The Redwood City One Act Festival

We’ve reframed the weekend festival with our partners at Fuse Theatre to present a much longer digital festival to tackle some big issues. More details here.