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Dragon Eggs is a monthly opportunity for playwrights to have their short plays performed and receive feedback from theatre professionals and audience members all over the globe. Each month, the Dragon Eggs Play Reader Committee chooses 2-3 short plays to receive a virtual reading. Dragon Eggs aims to provide a safe space for under-represented voices to share and develop their stories, while creating artistic work opportunities for our diverse community of artists and inviting the national and international communities to participate with feedback. Dragon Eggs is a part of Dragon’s Nest, where emerging artists are able to hone their craft, make connections, and rely on the support of the professionals at Dragon Theatre. On the third Sunday of the month, join the Dragon on Crowdcast to experience the staged reading and feedback session.

Short Play Staged Reading & Feedback Session
3rd Sunday of the month
Hosted on Crowdcast

This is a donation based program. While this is a free opportunity for our audiences, the artists involved in Dragon Eggs are paid for their work. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated to help keep this program running long into our future!

Upcoming Events

Dragon Eggs: May

May’s Plays:

“Wipes” by Aaron Higareda

“Life in the Hard Drive” by Greg Lam

“Try” by Trent Sutton

Directed by: Bora “Max” Koknar

Facilitated by: Bora “Max” Koknar

Performances by: Felipe Rodriguez, Danielle Marie Tortolani, Michael Benzinger, and Delaney Bantillo

Dragon Eggs: June

June’s Plays:

“Perspective” by Dana Schwartz

“Your Choice” by Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm

“Dust Bunnies” by Jack Rushton

Directed by: Kimberly Ridgeway

Facilitated by: Kimberly Ridgeway

Performances by: Don Wood, Renee Turner, Venee C Call-Ferrer, Jordon Covington, Bora “Max” Koknar

Dragon Eggs: July

July’s Plays:

“Check In” by Pamela Kingsley

“Lucy in the Clouds” by Lisa Gaye Thompson

“Barren Landscapes” by Steve Gold

Directed by: Kerry Gudjohnsen

Facilitated by: Kimberly Ridgeway

Performances TBA

Past Events


Join us to experience and discuss three plays:

“Helga Goes Bats” by Rex McGregor “Chai” by Akaina Ghosh “We Dreamed Ourselves” by Mildred Inez Lewis Learn more about the Playwrights

June 20, 2pm PT, on Crowdcast

Watch Now


Join us to experience and discuss two plays:

“A Mother’s Heart” by Victoria E Erville “The Legend of Snails” by John Mabey Learn more about the Playwrights

May 16, 2pm PT, on Crowdcast

Watch Now


Join us to experience and discuss three plays:

“Chicken Fried Catfish” by Donna Latham “In My Tribe” by John Mabey “Does She Exist” by Pam Kingsley Learn More about the Playwrights Here

April 18, 2pm PT, on Crowdcast



Three plays focusing on Women’s History Month: “and for your last breath?” by Emily Russell “The Eumenides Come to Montgomery” by Adam Kraar “The Contract” by Kimberly Ridgeway March 21, 2021 Watch Now  


Join us to experience and discuss three plays focusing on Love of Self/Love of Community with an emphasis on African American History Month:

“Ava Hearts Riley” by Cris Eli Blak “Not Your Average Jo” by Allison Fradkin “Soul Mates” by Kimberly Ridgeway

Feb 21, 2pm PT, on Crowdcast

Watch Now

Three plays focusing on Resolution and Revolution:
“Table in the Air” by Rex McGregor
“Fire and Ice” by Emily Russell
“Boxes” by Pam Kingsley
Jan. 17, 2pm PT, on Crowdcast  
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