Our Spark Change campaign aims to bring the Dragon vital resources so that artists can continue creating and thriving in the Bay Area and beyond.

Despite the setbacks and diminished income brought on by Covid-19, Dragon decided to focus on what was possible and employed and compensated over 200 artists for their work. We’ve become a completely virtual theater in order to keep the arts moving forward. We created opportunities for Bay Area creatives through added programs and different financial models so we could continue to guarantee payments to artists.

Yet, we too continue to feel the impacts of the pandemic on top of an ever-changing artistic infrastructure, and we too continue to grapple with the costs of creating and presenting quality work.

Your donation to Dragon ensures we are still a hub for imaginative storytelling and artistic support in 2022. In the coming years we want to accelerate our creative responsibility and influence civic discourse, to heal, educate and inspire communities throughout the region.

By donating to the Dragon, you’re touching the lives of hundreds of individual artists and allowing them to continue working by making and exploring the ways in which art can shape our culture.


On top of that, many hundreds more whose lives are enriched by the work of our artists will benefit from your gift. The Dragon is proud to be a vital, creative force in the Silicon Valley, and we thank you for your past generosity and continued support!

Donating to the Dragon means that you are actively contributing to keeping arts alive in the Bay Area.