Think you know the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster? Trevor Allen's The Creature strips the monster classic of the melodrama and neck-bolts, and instead presents the tale in the style of a classic radio play. Set on a ship in the early 1800s, we’re taken on the journey of Dr. Frankenstein, as he recounts his experiments in re-animation and the monster he eventually brings to life. Listen each week as the team behind The Creature creates an aurally stunning experience using binaural recording technology to relay the story of a brilliant, but ethically questionable scientist, and the monstrous, yet sympathetic, creature he creates. Originally slated to be a staged production in the Dragon’s 2020 season, the project was re-imagined for the audio-only experience due to COVID-19.

Put on your headphones, and experience the stunning tale that is The Creature. Teaser trailer available below!


Check out the overview of the podcast below and come back on May 3rd, 2021 to listen to the first chapter.
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Chapter 1: A Kind of Divine Madness
We begin our story on a ship bound to discover a Northern Passage through the Arctic, where Captain Walton encounters a strange man stranded on the ice... Coming 05/03/21!
Chapter 2: The Secrets of Heaven and Earth
The Creature and Frankenstein describe their birth and upbringing. We see Frankenstein experience joy, loss, and his schooling beginnings at Ingolstadt... Coming 05/04/21!
Chapter 3: Fine Form of Man
Frankenstein listens to the lectures of Professor Waldman and begins to experience the start of madness while the Creature learns language... Coming 05/10/21!
Chapter 4: Death, Which I Feared
The seasons change and Frankenstein experiences a breakthrough in his experiments. We flashback to the night the Creature was born...Coming 05/17/21!
Chapter 5: The Best People in the World
The Creature summons the courage to approach the family who lives in the cottage. Frankenstein is nursed back to health by his friend Henry Clerval... Coming 05/24/21!
Chapter 6: You Are All So Fragile
Frankenstein receives a startling letter and travels home to Geneva. The Creature begins his journey of vengeance against Frankenstein that ends in death... Coming 05/31/21!
Chapter 7: A Filthy Process
The Creature asks for the unthinkable and Frankenstein promises to give in to his unholy demand. Captain Walton continues to write down the story...Coming 06/07/21!
Chapter 8: Like Father, Like Son
Death comes once again to Frankenstein and he is thrown once more into madness. He begins to chase the Creature once again...Coming 06/14/21!
Chapter 9: Do You Dream, Captain?
Frankenstein's tale comes to an end and Captain Walton makes a promise on his friend’s death bed. Captain Walton and the Creature meet...Coming 06/21/21!