Close and Personal:

Magic from the Heart

June 11th, 8:30 pm

A collaboration between Dragon, Meriam Al Sultan, and Fred Lee to produce an evening of magic! The show will include:

“The World’s Smallest Magic Show” with Fred Lee
“Close Up Magic” with Meriam Al Sultan
“Locked and Loaded” with Fred Lee

Recommended for audiences 13 and older

Meet the Magicians

Meriam Al Sultan

Performing “Close Up Magic”

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As the first female magician from Saudi Arabia, my journey to learning the art of magic and performing on front of people was challenging, when I lived in Arabia women had to follow a strict dress code, we weren’t allowed to perform on stage, and there was stigma around the art of magic in general even for male magicians.

Things are changing rapidly in Saudi Arabia, and I hope for one day where the art of magic gets recognized as an art form there.

For the past 11 years, I’ve been learning, performing, and creating magic.

I am currently the president of the Silicon Vally Society of American Magicians, a local no profit organization for magicians, after joining the board members for 5 years.

I was the second place winner of a Virtual Magic competition from the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 216 in 2021, and the 1st place winner in the close-up magic competition in 2018 from the same club.

I moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 2014, and got the chance to learn magic directly from the  greatest magicians alive today, and others whom we lost during the past years, and I count them among my personal idols and mentors. 

In 2013 I gathered all the Arab magicians in a FB group where we can help and support one another, I have connected some members with Arabs Got Talent, did free consultations to help them with their acts, many of them created their own local clubs and got to meet in person.

Like many of you magic had filled me with excitement and wonder since I was a child.

Over the years that excitement grew into a passion for the art of performing magic, or what some might call an obsession! Many years of my life have been devoted to studying, practicing, and perfecting my art so that I can share the feeling, the wonder, and awe from experiencing live and virtual magic with others just like I experienced as a child.

Fred Lee

Performing “The World’s Smallest Magic Show” and “Locked and Loaded”

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Fred EMPOWERS you with POSITIVITY, MOTIVATION, and the KEY to unlock your unconscious mind to ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE!

Fred Lee is a trusted brand known for providing clients RELIABLE, QUALITY, SERVICE.

From helping event planners pull off a successful event to empowering guests with his corporate presentations, Fred goes above and beyond for his clients to sit back and relax as he makes their ideas a reality.

He has a degree in psychology and is an expert on the subject of influence (emphasis on hypnosis) and mindset management.

He was recognized as a prodigy hypnotist at age 17, providing corporate and VIP clients across the nation with his services and expertise.

He is a magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts, which is associated with Hollywood’s world famous Magic Castle.

Wowing Fortune 500 companies and various distinguished clients in 4 continents with his miracles of the mind, Fred Lee shares a unique style of entertainment to his audiences. Hacking into minds of the CEOs at Samsung, moving objects with his mind at award ceremonies for SAP Ariba, hypnotizing the entire sales team of Virgin America to become more productive, and even bending the reality of celebrities at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

He has consulted and worked behind the scenes of America’s Got Talent numerous times.

You are guaranteed a world class experience when you book Fred Lee.

You’ll book him year after year!