Bend. Climb. Fly.


Cirque de la Luna creates and presents unforgettable experiences created by local circus artists. Combining world-class aerial acrobatics and other circus arts with state-of-the-art technology and gorgeous design, Cirque de la Luna creates performances which transport audiences to different worlds, exploring stories and themes ranging from beautiful family-experience, The Little Prince, to the award-winning, gritty, made-for-grown-ups Nocturnicon, exploring the history of mental healthcare.

Upcoming Events

Every cirque de la luna show creates a unique ethereal experience you won’t soon forget. From classic fairy tales to nightmarish cautionary tales, we offer a wide range of beautifully composed circus entertainment for all walks of life.


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Meet Your Organizer, Anna Yanushkevich

Anna Yanushkevich has been filling community theatres and performing at large events for the better part of a decade. Combining ballet, aerial, contortion and visual arts, Anna asks her audience to seek where they sit in their seat on the spectrum between the strange beauty in nature and the macabre. In 2015 the San Diego Fringe Festival designated a special category for Anna, presenting her with the “Twisted Fringe Award” for Nocturnicon, a dive into the the way we handle mental illness and the human body before and after death. In addition, Anna is in school for pre-med and works as a veterinary technician. She also teaches beginner to advanced aerial arts and movement and is committed to helping the world stay strong, healthy and bendy.