Audio Book Club: Party Line FAQ

We know how important it is to stay connected, and how powerful it can be to bond through storytelling. To combat the isolation and loss of connections brought about by the pandemic, we created Audio Book Club: Party Line (ABC). 

Audio Book Club Party Line FAQ

How does a book club session work?

After introductions and a brief volume test, participants should expect to listen for the first half of the session, as an actor reads the selection. Participants may follow along silently with provided reading selection or may opt to simply listen. After the listening portion concludes, the group will move into discussion, led by a facilitator. The facilitator comes prepared with questions to stimulate conversation, and works to include everyone fully in the discussion. Participants will each be given the chance to participate, but may pass if they do not wish to share any thoughts.  

How do I access the book club session?

Dragon Theatre uses the application Zoom to host these book clubs. A few days prior to your book club session, you will be emailed access information on how to join the Zoom call. There will be options for dialing in from a telephone or joining via computer. 

Do I need a Zoom account to join?

If you dial in via telephone, you do not need a zoom account to join. If you are joining on a computer, you will need to set up a free account with the application. ** link to how to create account

Can I use a webcam instead of dialing in on a telephone?

Yes, you can use a computer with a webcam to join the call. However, when you join, your video will be off and you will be on mute. The facilitator will manage your video and audio usage for the call, so you do not need to do anything. We ask that during the reading portion of the session, you leave your video off, so that participants can focus on only listening to the reader and the story. If you are joining on a computer and have access to a webcam, the facilitator will ask if you’d like to join in the discussion with your video turned on, at which point you are welcome to begin using your webcam. 

Will I be muted throughout the call?

You will enter the call already muted, with your video off. When we’re ready to begin, there will be a brief volume test with each participant to make sure everything is working correctly, and any adjustments can be made. After that, all participants will remain on mute through the reading portion of the session. As the session progresses into discussion, the facilitator will unmute participants to contribute to the discussion. 

Do I need to participate in the discussion?

The facilitator will call on individuals so that everyone has an opportunity to speak, but if you do not have something to share, you are welcome to say “pass” and the facilitator will call on someone else. 

Will the session be recorded?

The listening portion of the session will be recorded once we have completed the volume test. The discussion portion will not be recorded. 

What if I miss a session/come late to the series?

Each week, we will send out a recording of the prior reading session so that participants may catch up on anything they may have missed. If you join the series once we have already begun, we will include links to the necessary recordings so that you will be caught up when you join the book club.  

Who else will be in the book club? How many people are allowed in a session?

There may be up to 50 people in the listening portion of the session, but we will break into smaller groups for discussion. A maximum of 10 people will be allowed in each discussion group. At the beginning of the discussion portion, you will have a chance to introduce yourself and meet the other participants in your group. We will do a quick icebreaker to get to know one another before we begin discussing the reading selection. 

Are there other stories in the ABC series that I can choose to join? How do you choose the reading?

Dragon Theatre is currently only offering the ABC: Party Line with readings available to and  selected by the Dragon. As we continue to expand into the future, we would love your suggestions on what you’d like to hear! We’re actively looking for public domain content, but if you know of an author that would like to be involved, please let us know. As we add more options and variety, we’ll let you know!

Do I get a copy of the selected reading?

Yes. A PDF copy of the selected reading plus a character breakdown will be emailed to you one week prior to your book club session. You are welcome and encouraged to read through the selection and characters so that you may familiarize yourself with the story and characters and be prepared for the discussion. Some participants prefer not to read the selection in advance, and that is ok, too! 

How do you choose the reader/facilitator? Can anyone sign up?

At this time, we are utilizing the actors and teaching professionals that have worked with the Dragon in the past. Each has spent years training in performance and education, so as to create a seamless experience for the listeners. If you have interest in joining our reader/facilitator pool, please reach out to


If you have any other questions, please reach out to