Audio Book Club Party Line FAQ

How does a book club session work?

When participants log on, they will be put in a virtual lobby, called a “waiting room.” At the appropriate time, each participant will be let in to the meeting by the House Manager. After introductions and a brief volume test, the house manager will mute everyone and aid in turning off video for each participant. Participants should expect to listen for the first half of the session, as an actor reads the selection. Participants may follow along silently with provided reading selection or may opt to simply listen. After the listening portion concludes, the group will move into discussion, led by a facilitator. Participants may turn their videos back on at this time, if they’d like. The facilitator comes prepared with questions to stimulate conversation, and works to include everyone fully in the discussion. Participants will each be given the opportunity to engage in the discussion, but may pass if they do not wish to share any thoughts.

How do I access the audio book club session?

Dragon Theatre uses the application Zoom to host these book clubs. When you sign up for a session, you will receive three emails from our automated system: 1) sent immediately following your sign-up, confirming your registration, 2) sent a few days prior to your session, including access information and a copy of the selected reading, and 3) sent the day of your session, including access information again and another copy of the selected reading. If you have never used Zoom before, be sure to try to log on early so that you may address any issues that you encounter when trying to sign in. 

Do I need a Zoom account to join?

If you are joining on a computer, you will need to set up a free account with the application, along with making sure the application is downloaded. You can download the app and access the help center for Zoom here

Can I use a telephone to access the session instead of a computer?

Yes, you can dial into the call, instead of using a computer. We have found more success with participants using computer devices, but if you are unable to access one, you can definitely call into the audio book club session. For dial-in instructions, please email, and we will send you necessary information.

Will I be muted throughout the call?

As you enter the call, you will likely be muted already, and Zoom will ask if you would like to join the call with or without your video on. When we’re ready to begin the session, we will welcome everyone and prepare to begin the reading. After that, the house manager will assist with muting and turning off videos for all participants. The reading portion of the session will be an audio-only experience, so participants’ videos and audio will remain off. As the session progresses into discussion, the house manager will assist in turning audio and video back on. As the house manager adjusts your audio/video, you will be asked permission to confirm each step.

Do I need to participate in the discussion?

The facilitator will call on individuals so that everyone has an opportunity to speak, but if you do not have something to share, you are welcome to say “pass” and the facilitator will call on someone else. 

Will the session be recorded?

At the time of registration, we ask each participant to sign a photo/video release waiver in case the session will be recorded; however, most sessions are not recorded. If the Dragon plans to record a session, participants will be notified before the session begins.

Who else will be in the book club? How many people are allowed in a session?

There may be up to 12 people in the audio book club session, from the community of Redwood City and beyond! At the beginning of the discussion portion, you will have a chance to introduce yourself and meet the other participants in your group. 

How do you choose the reader/facilitator? Can anyone sign up?

At this time, we are utilizing the actors and teaching professionals that have worked with the Dragon in the past. Each has spent years training in performance and education, so as to create a truly engaging experience for the listeners. If you have interest in joining our reader/facilitator pool, please reach out to with an introduction, and any supporting material (recording of you reading/performing). 

Do I get a copy of the selected reading?

Yes. A link to the selected reading will be emailed to you three days prior to your book club session. You are welcome and encouraged to read through the selection so that you may familiarize yourself with the story and be prepared for the discussion. Some participants prefer not to read the selection in advance, and that is ok, too! You may also follow along with the reading on the day of the session, if you’d like!

Are there other stories in the ABC series that I can choose to join? How do you choose the reading?

Dragon Theatre is currently only offering the ABC: Party Line with readings available to and selected by Audio Book Club: Party Line’s Artistic Director, Robyn Ginsburg Braverman. As we continue to expand into the future, we would love your suggestions on what you’d like to hear! We’re actively looking for public domain content, but if you know of an author that you would like to be involved, please let us know by emailing using the subject line “ABC Story Suggestion.” We will be adding new sessions each month, so continue to check back!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to