The Monday Night Play Space

Since 2016 Dragon Productions Theatre Company has hosted the Monday Night Play Space. Two Mondays a month (when we can) Dragon will open its doors to local artists to use the space for anything, including staged readings of new plays, local film screenings, poetry slams, stand up comedy, improv demos, books readings, movie nights curated by the Dragon staff, and anything else that the Bay Area artistic community comes up with! You need to workshop in front of an audience? This is your opportunity! Apply for a performance slot

We’ll be accepting cash donations from patrons at the door in lieu of a fixed ticket price. We'll have concessions available so it will be a fun night at the theatre and a great way to meet local artists, share in the creative process, mingle with the community, and support local theatre. 


For Audiences: 

All performances start at 7:30p and the doors open at 7p at the Dragon Theatre in downtown Redwood City. Cash only at the door. Suggested minimum donation of $5 - $10. Concessions will be available for purchase to enjoy during the show.


Monday, March 27: A staged reading of Skokie by David Koppel (Adapted from the teleplay by Ernest Kinoy) 

American Star of David flag


In 1979, Chicago Nazis attempted to invade the suburban Jewish community of Skokie. What happened next challenged the foundations of American democracy and freedom of speech.

This staged reading is presented in honor of Yom Ha Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day).  Following the reading, audience members are invited to participate in a discussion of the play's themes and contemporary issues of anti-semitism and free speech illuminated by the story.

In an era when the Alt-Right is ascendant, synagogues across the nation receive bomb threats, and Jewish cemeteries are desecrated or destroyed, SKOKIE's story is timelier than ever!

This timely and provocative story will spark a fascinating dialogue among audience members following the presentation.


Featuring the talents of: 

Julie Yick-Koppel
Yuliya Edelnant
David Mew
Martin Peres
Jeff Trescott
Brian Levi
Max Forman
Mark Albi
Maxine Sattizahn
Evan Sokol


Monday, April 10: A staged reading of Terms of Use by Patrick Brennan

Martha wants to save her hacker brother from a dangerous obesssion with virtual reality. But she discovers that he has learned to open a door to a realm darker than she could have ever imagined. can she rescue him before she looses him forever? 


Monday, April 24: A staged reading of Sgnarelle ad medicum cannabis​ by Wes Finlay

Two young lovers are hysterically in love. The girls father opposes their marriage so the lovers elope but fail to consummate their wedding. “Sganarelle,” a roadside potion peddler, is coaxed into assuming the guise of a prominent physician. He prescribes cannabis as his preferred and only medicine. While curing some ailments of the local gentry, he is coaxed into attempting to cure a young girl’s horrific ailment that is caused by the forbidden love between her and her first love. Accidental Doctor Sganarelle uses his prowess as master of cannabis potions and vapors to conduct a comedy of errors, in a farcical homage to Moliere and Machiavelli. All of the players’ altered personalities, maniacal misunderstandings, salacious events, and the pain of young love, ends with the humiliating defeat of the villainous representative of Big Pharmaceuticals.



For Performers:


As a performer, there's no cost to you but we do need to get some details and book you into a time slot. You are responsible for casting your show/reading. 


The dates for the 2017 Series are:


Monday, January 9 Monday, June 26
Monday, January 30     Monday, July 10
Monday, February 13 Monday, August 14
Monday, February 27 Monday, August 28
Monday, March 13  Monday, September 25
Monday, March 27 Monday, October 9
Monday, April 10 Monday, October 30
Monday, April 24 Monday, November 13
Monday, May 29th -
Memorial Day movie
Monday, November 27
Monday, June 12 Monday, December 11
Dates with a strikethrough are booked or pending booking. To apply for a 2017 slot, please fill out the online form and Max, the MNPS coordinator, will be in touch with next steps.
If you have questions, contact Max Koknar at max (at) 


If you have marketing collateral, we're happy to put your performance up on our website and on the television display in the theatre window that faces the street. Graphics for the television display must be JPG formatted and be 1080 X 1920 at 72 dpi and portrait oriented. Please mail the marketing collateral to kim (at) at least 4 weeks before your performance. 


Please note that this is NOT an opportunity to fully produce a new play or musical with a set. 


Apply for a slot


The Monday Night Play Space series is sponsored in part by the Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission. 



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