Our goal is to foster an inclusive and artistic community for the creation of experiences that are innovative, intimate, empathetic, accessible and bold.

About Dragon


We are committed to fulfilling our mission through promoting the use of artistic skills to solve our community’s social and economic needs by:

Incubating –


performing arts talent and projects of all disciplines to strengthen the whole performing arts ecosystem.



Educating –


all ages about the theatre arts and instilling life skills and possibilities brought about by participation and engagement in the arts – teaching the power of artistic skills to enable success in the ‘real world’; providing professional training and development opportunities to artists.



Innovating –


new formats and technologies to connect artists and audiences; empower artists to adapt their skills to support causes important to them and to improve the world around them.





We value the power of the arts and artists. We value art that is not just created for art’s sake, but that is created intentionally by skilled and motivated members of our community: to influence civic discourse, to heal, to educate, to inspire and too overall better our society in ways much beyond what is possible with art for art’s sake. And above all, we value people. Theatre is about building community and processing our shared humanity through storytelling and without all our people, there would be no creation or sharing of any art at all.



Our History


Since 1998, Dragon has provided a community to the artists and creatives in the Bay Area. You can read about our journey by clicking the button below!