MNPS Frequently Asked Questions


How does it all work?


You apply.


We ask you a few follow up questions about your technical needs and if everything looks logistically feasible. We grant you the space on your chosen Monday Night.


Then, you prepare your event, however you need. In the meantime, Dragon hires a House Technician and a House Manager to take care of ticketing and the booth.


A week or two before your event, you’ll get one final survey of your technical needs to make sure we get our House Technician up to speed on your technical needs for a successful night at the Dragon.


On the day of your event, your House Technician will show up 30 minutes in advance of you to prepare the theatre for your arrival. You will be asked to arrive with your team an hour before we open the house, and let the audience into the theatre.


Within those 60 minutes, you will need to work with your team and the house technician to bring in any items you may need from your vehicles and practice any technical cues you may have with the house technician.


This hour before your event is not a good time to run through your piece or squeeze in some rehearsal with your actors. It is a time to take a care of any technical cues, and working out of specific logistics of being in the theatre space.


Usually the hour is only sufficient to work out a few simple light or sound cues with your technician and go over the basic logistics of the night with your team before it is time to open the house.


What do you mean when you say technical cues?


Our Monday Night Play Space series can accommodate some very basic technical needs such as lights up/lights down between scenes. Possibly some area lighting for a special moment or two within your event. We can also play sound files you bring in for pre-show, or during the performance. If you want any lights or sound cues within the event, you will need to send us a script or event outline to guide our technician about when those technical cues need to be executed.


Also, if you want any light and sound cues within your event, expect the preparation and practice of those cues to take up most of your hour before the house opens.


I have been working on a play or musical, can I workshop it at the Monday Night Play Space?


Sure! But here’s the rule: Keep It Simple. We have a piano, and if you want to come play the piano and sing us through the show, GREAT! Or if you want to rehearse a small cast with a few rehearsal cubes, or chairs and bring that in, Awesome!


However, this is not about fully producing your piece so if some complex technical elements are critical to your event. Perhaps a Monday Night Play Space is not the right venue for you.


Does Dragon provide me a set or can I bring my own set?


No, and under most cases we’d really recommend against it. Monday Night Play Space is not the right venue for a fully produced play.


You will have the space in front of Dragon’s mid-stage curtain available for the show, and may have to share that space with whatever set pieces may be there for Dragon’s main and 2nd stage productions.


That said, we have plenty of chairs and some acting blocks available on site. We’ve also got 8 music stands available which we would be more than happy to allow you to use.


Will I get a big crowd at Dragon?


That is entirely up to you! You know your event best, and it is up to you to get the word out! Once you provide us with a marketing blurb and any other marketing collateral you are able, we will do our best to get that information out to our usual audiences, but in our experience, the most successful Monday Night Play Space shows are the ones where the producer takes the most active role in publicizing their event.


What about posters or marketing materials?


While we aren't able to offer graphic design services for this series, if you've got a poster you want to run we can absolutely run it on our website/Facebook/online advertising, in our box office system, and on the TV screen that face the street. Graphics should be portrait oriented and should be able to scale to 1080X1920 in a high resolution dpi (to look best on the TV screen).

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