Rotating Repertory 2020

Dragon is proud to present its first ever attempt at two plays in rotating repertory this spring. What does that mean? For us it means we’ll be producing two plays at the same time. These plays have some common DNA – they’re both set in America in the 1980s and look at relevant events. But one play, The Baltimore Waltz, was written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel and the other is the world premiere of a new play, Confession, by local playwright Barry Slater. Both shows have small casts – Waltz has three actors and Confession has two, and we’ve chosen to use two separate casts for the shows. We have two different directors, but a single team of designers to create the costumes, sets, lighting, and sound for each of the shows so the technical aspects can be easily changed between shows. Why are we doing this? We think that they’re both important stories to tell, and it’s an excellent part of our “teaching theatre” mission to challenge and develop local artists’ skills and talents.

The Baltimore Waltz banner

The Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel
Directed by Troy Johnson
March 6 – April 5, 2020 (Main Stage Series)


A young woman receives a deadly diagnosis — she has a mysterious new disease that has already killed many and has no cure. Trying to escape the pain and anxiety of her uncertain future, she and her beloved brother flee to Europe in a desperate search for a cure. This satirical fantasy is Vogel’s brilliant love letter to her brother who died of AIDS in the height of the epidemic in the 1980s. Get more details about the dates and team behind the show.


Confession banner

Confession by Barry Slater
Directed by Robyn Ginsburg Braverman
March 6 – April 5, 2020 (Part of the Dragon’s Nest Producer Residency)


Confession is the story of two brothers in the 1980s: one a gangster, the other a priest. Estranged for decades, indelibly connected by the memories of a monstrous childhood, they find themselves together one last time. Will they find redemption or die trying? World premiere. Get more details about the dates and team behind the show.