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Welcome to the Dragon

Sure, theatre can communicate emotion, evoke great feelings, and provide entertaining experiences. But we know that theatre can also inspire change; can stir people to engage in movements and ideas larger than themselves; can be a catalyst for building the society that we aspire to exist within. Guided by the slogan, “Incubate, Educate, Innovate,” our work aims to bring people together in the most unlikely of places.

Let’s question everything.

Let’s get lost.

Let’s break it all and put it back together better than ever.

Want to join us?



Drive-In Variety Show
In-Person Event

Get ready for a wild car-ride through the arts! Join the Dragon and special guests at the Port of Redwood City for performances and fun each weekend in June! Enjoy theatre, dance, music, comedy, and more from the safety of your vehicle!

Live at the Dragon
Live at the Dragon
Online Event

Join us for this monthly performance event that brings together dancers, activists, and a variety artists of different disciplines to perform, connect, and advocate.

Dragon Eggs
Online Event

Dragon Eggs is a monthly opportunity for playwrights from across the globe to have their short plays performed and receive feedback from theatre professionals and theatre lovers. This month, join us for three short plays by playwrights from the Bay Area and beyond!

The Creature Podcast
The Creature Podcast
Online Event

Tune in to the Dragon's first-ever podcast adapted from The Creature by Trevor Allen. Listen each week to hear the tale of a brilliant, but ethically questionable scientist, and the monstrous, yet sympathetic, creature he creates!

Shakespeare 1
Improv for Everyone!
In-Person Class

Jump into this fun class and grow with fellow classmates as you unleash your creative talents! Each week, instructor Corinnes Kason will lead games and exercised designed for everyone’s enjoyment and growth. Many techies, doctors, lawyers, couples, and homemakers find this class refreshing and fun and a way to connect with new friends and become more open and communicative. Open to total newbies and seasoned improvisers alike!

Sleepless with the Dragon
Online Event

Gather around the virtual campfire as friends of the Dragon tell stories of ghosts, goblins, and all things spooky. Each month, you will meet brilliant new artists from our community who, with host Samantha Ricci stay up late to connect over our shared love of storytelling (and the macabre!)! Bring your own marshmallows and hot cocoa!

Drinking with the Dragon
Online Event

Feeling lonely? Miss theatre shop-talk? Drinking with the Dragon is a monthly opportunity to chat with Dragon-ites and friends as they discuss art, life, and a myriad of fun and interesting tangents. Grab something to sip on, whether it’s a gin and tonic or a ginger ale and let’s go!

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Part teaching hospital, part silicon valley startup incubator with a mission to strengthen the whole performing arts ecosystem, the Nest is an incubator for performing artists and projects of all disciplines that build community and tell stories about the social issues of our day with artists ranging from contortionists and aerialists to break dancers and DJs to brilliant new playwrights and actors.

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to performance, come hone your craft, develop a new skill set, or try something completely new with the Dragon! Courses are available for adults and youth in a multitude of performing arts disciplines and vary in length from a few hours to a few weeks.

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Dragon Experience Design Lab (DXDL) explores the limits of the possibilities of theatre performance and rich history of theatrical tradition. With DXDL, the Dragon seeks to innovate new formats and technologies to connect artists and audiences; empower artists to adapt their skills to support causes important to them and to improve the world around them. 

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Dragon Theatrical Services (DTS) connects businesses, events, and communities with the the visions, values, and abilities possessed by theatre professionals. Let us help you jump over your biggest hurdle, tell your most personal story, or throw you a kick-ass party, all while authentically connecting with your audience. 

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